Furuncle on intimate place

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016
Furuncle - it is simply a boil.The cause of its formation is often aureus, which causes inflammation in the hair follicles and tissue around it, which extends to the formation of pus.I must say that boils appear only in those areas where localized hair.Most often, they are located in the face, the skin on the waist, legs and buttocks.Often such pathological formation can be seen in the armpits and in the back of the neck and intimate areas.
No matter where the boil is localized, it can not be squeezed because the inflammation can go to the surrounding tissue, causing the formation of new and significant distribution boils inflammation.The reasons of occurrence of boils belong to minor skin injuries, pollution, impaired immunity, intense sweating, and cuts after shaving or bad living conditions.
boils, which develops in an intimate place, develops, passes through three stages.Redness is first formed in the hair follicle, and edema.In the second step cell death is observed, at a fi
nal stage extends outwardly pus.The third stage of the boil is quite dangerous, especially when the pus inside out.
If you do not carry out treatment, the boil will disappear in about a week, but in most cases boil pubic alone fails and requires treatment.When to see a doctor, he will assign the analysis to identify high blood sugar, diabetes, because it is a common cause furunkulnoy rash.
boils, which is located on an intimate place, causing considerable pain and fever.If the boil does not ripen, it is necessary to carry out his autopsy, which will remove the pus, which was formed.It is necessary not only to carry out an autopsy to clear the festering boils and rod and apply the appropriate ointments and antiseptics.
How to treat boils on intimate places? The best option - the surgical removal of the boil, which is carried out in the application of the local anesthetic methods.
After opening the drainage should be carried out and apply gauze with antiseptic.Good infrared radiation, UHF, and use electrophoresis copper salts or zinc.It is also used darsonvalization.
In order to accelerate the maturation of boils, hot compress is applied, which is used when applying an aqueous solution of 10% alcohol or Ichthyol.To prevent complications of patients received antibiotics, proteins, vitamins, and immunomodulators.
For quick disappearance boil in an intimate space used autohaemotherapy at which carried intramuscular venous blood of the patient.
During treatment, forbidden to drink alcohol, spicy food and sweets.
To prevent furunkulnoy rash need to drink a decoction of herbs such as nettle, succession, marigold, St. John's Wort or chamomile for a month.