Causes of cramps in the legs

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016
causes of cramps in his legs varied.Often, this phenomenon occurs when the body is insufficient relevant trace elements, especially calcium or magnesium.At night relaxation in humans slows blood flow, which leads to insufficient intake of micronutrients needed in muscle fibers, which provokes convulsions.In order to confirm the lack of calcium or magnesium, a person must pass a series of tests.
The causes cramps in the legs also owns a significant load on the limbs and constant tension in the muscles of the legs after prolonged standing or walking.Seizures occur after running in front of which has not been pre-heating of muscles.For leg cramps cause stress, high body weight, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as pregnancy and increased sweating.
If you have seizures, there is pain, which disrupts sleep and did not give enough rest at night.Seizures may occur with certain diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, thyroid cancer, liver cirrhosis.
Cramps also appear at the hidden i
njuries or because of inflammation.
What to do with cramps in the legs?Be sure to get rid of their causes.If convulsions caused by lack of calcium and magnesium, that are assigned special vitamins that replenish the deficit of these micronutrients.Preparations, which include a lot of calcium and magnesium, so the choice is yours.
If seizures occur because of prolonged sitting or physical overexertion feet, then you need to adjust their lifestyle.It is necessary to increase the frequency of walking, give feet more rest and after exercise to massage the feet.If the leg cramps are a consequence of stress, you should try to avoid any stressful situations.
What to do with seizures and how to reduce pain during them?
With a strong spasm to become whole foot on some cold surface and take a deep breath.If convulsion persists, it is possible to pinch his leg and massaging the area in which there was a spasm, using the friction of movement.The leg can be rubbed with alcohol, apple cider vinegar or apply warming ointment.A positive result can give a hot compress or hot tub.To prevent cramps, should be enough to drink and do not overload.
Well do preventive exercises.To improve the blood circulation in the legs need to sit down, stretch your legs, pull the foot over and stay in this position for a few seconds, repeating several times.This charge also increases the elasticity of the leg muscles and normalizes metabolism.
to combat seizures take vitamin D, which improves the absorption of magnesium and calcium.
From folk methods note rubbing the foot of lemon juice.During convulsive seizures as well rubbed into the feet of mustard oil.To prevent seizures do well mustard foot baths.