Atheroma color

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20 May 2016

This pathology is quite common form of hand and looks kind of bag that is filled with the contents of a yellowish thick consistency.

Atheroma is a frequent phenomenon, so common in both men and women, and at any age.Often atheroma arise due ductless blockage in the sebaceous glands.Atheroma large externally similar to cerebral hernia, so should be conducted multilateral and accurate diagnosis.In most cases, the formation of such localized in the epidermis (upper layer of the skin).

Many may consider the nature of the tumor atheroma, but it is not.Aggravating factors for the development of atheroma is unfavorable environment, metabolic disorders, rash, chronic trauma, hormonal disorders and other diseases.Atheroma of the head can be congenital or acquired.Congenital atheroma is formed from the epidermis and appendages for life can not be changed and acquired pathology caused by atheroma excretory function of skin and personal hygiene.

to atheroma characterized by slow growth.There may be, and single

and multiple sebaceous cysts.The dimensions of these structures are different and vary from the size of a pea to the size of a hen's egg.Acquired atheroma reach the size of an apple.If not promptly remove the atheroma, the blood flow is disturbed in the excretory ducts, which leads to an increase in these formations.If the atheroma is localized on the head, it can be dangerous only in the development of inflammation, leading to thinning of the skin, which erupts, giving vent to the pus and other content atheroma.When, after a not remove the capsule, then eventually there may be recurrence of the disease, in addition, can form fistulas.Any changes atheroma (it increase, swelling) to consult with a surgeon.

On examination reveal that atheroma painless and not soldered to surrounding tissues.The skin over this form in most cases is not changed.Only if associated infection, it can take on a reddish hue.Sometimes

atheromatous mass separated from the small holes through which atheroma is connected with the skin.There are also cases when the atheroma, which develops on the head is broken and the contents poured into the subcutaneous tissue.

Atheroma is characterized by a standard clinic and appearance that makes it easy to put the diagnosis.When a man discovers atheroma, it should be removed immediately, even if education is not worried because there is a significant risk of infection, which in the future will require a medical emergency.

and present, and false atheroma, which appears on the head, removed under local anesthesia.During the operation, the doctor inserts a preparation with anesthetic action in tissues surrounding the atheroma, followed by removal of atheroma, together with the capsule, since the incomplete removal of the capsule may be relapses pathology.When this operation is preferably carried out at the remission of the inflammatory process.After removal of atheroma in the wound sutured.

This manipulation in most cases on an outpatient basis.Sometimes sebaceous cysts can be removed using an electric knife.Now medicine every day learning to use for the treatment of this pathology other techniques, including laser therapy or radiosurgery.

Finally, it should be said that at the first symptoms of atheroma in the head will need to see a doctor.