Hygroma brush

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20 May 2016

Hygroma brush - cystiform formation resembling a tumor, which is several centimeters in diameter.Externally hygroma looks like blisters on the skin, which is characterized by non-uniform nature of the content and jelly.Very often hygroma is localized on the hands, causing significant inconvenience to the person that develops this education.In most cases hygroma brush located at its rear surface, although it may appear in the inner surface, or portions flexing the fingers.

unambiguous causes hygroma brush no.The formation of such elements can be linked to physical activity and injury of different nature.Hygroma formed from the joint surfaces, bulges between the tendons and ligaments that surround the joint.This forms a subcutaneous bulge which has a distinct capsule.Hygroma can develop quite a long time without causing discomfort in the patient, but sometimes can be confusing pain.

I must say that this is directly linked to the formation of the joint, so the content hygroma can flow into the cavity.It

may seem that hygroma disappears, but over time it is formed again.Of course, hygroma of the hand is not very dangerous degree, but still be time to carry out its diagnostics, only after which you can assign the correct treatment.

Treating hygroma brush

In most cases, conservative treatment is ineffective hygroma, so spend a puncture of education and sucked at the same time the contents and injected into certain medicines.This helps dry the cavity, but eventually it is again filled with liquid.The most painful and the wrong treatment - crushing hygroma, which categorically do impossible.Crush the contents of the education falls into the joint cavity or broken shell, because of which the liquid enters the surrounding tissue.With the successful completion of all end well, but there are great chances of inflammation and zagnoeniya.

qualified surgeons recommend hygroma brush to remove surgically or by laser therapy.Before you decide on the operation, you can try the traditional methods of treatment of this disease, perhaps one of them will help to get rid of such education.

Ointment Propolis .The ceramic pot poured crushed propolis in the amount of 30 grams and add butter (100 gr.).The pot cover with lid, put on fire and weary about three hours, then strain off and put in the fridge.The resulting ointment hygroma was treated twice a day, gently rubbing.

also helps wormwood , which is milled in a ceramic bowl to form a juice, which compress on the night.

For treatment hygroma brush can be used tortillas made from the pulp of aloe , to which is added another rye flour and honey and put on the night, covering with plastic.This procedure must be repeated until the complete disappearance hygroma, and each day it is necessary to prepare a new cake.If

described folk therapies hygroma brush do not give the desired results, and the formation starts to increase in size and is expressed pain and unsightly, it is desirable to use a surgical method to get rid of hygroma.