Gelatin: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016

Gelatin is a natural thickener, and has long been widely used in cooking in order to make dishes gelatinous species.Produce this natural thickener cartilage and bones of animals, by long boiling, separating collagen, which is the basis of gelatin.

Approximately 20% gelatin consists of carbohydrates and fats and 80% from protein, making it a useful product.Besides gelatin allocates sulfur, phosphorus and calcium, but these components always needs our body.

Gelatin positively affects the connection of tissues in our body.For this reason, it is recommended to include in your diet for people who have fractures due to gelatin recovery is faster.The menopause older women also recommend gelatin, due to the fact that calcium is quickly washed out of their body, and gelatin helps to restore its optimal rate.

It also is high level of glycerol, which supplies the human body with energy and vigor for a long time.

scope of use of gelatin is extremely wide, and it is used for the manufacture of adhesives, printi

ng inks, photographic material, as well as in the food industry (it is used for making ice cream, a variety of canned food).

its active use in cosmetics and decorative cosmetics.It produces excellent facials, actively to normalize the skin and eliminate wrinkles and laxity.

Eating gelatin in food is recommended for people suffering from inflammation of the joints and arthritis, he quickly recovers its normal state.Do not be amiss to include this product in your diet for people who have an ulcer or gastritis, as well as gelatin removes harmful substances from the body (radionuclides, toxins, and so on. D.).

Gelatin recommended for hair, it nourishes their health and makes brilliant.

Mask gelatin hair. Please wash your hair well and allow time to dry hair.Then mixed with 80 ml of water four spoons gelatin (melted in a water bath) and causes the resulting mixture to the hair.After hair wrapped a towel for 30 minutes and then wash off the mask with hair.This mask helps not only strengthen the hair structure, but also their accelerated growth.

According to the physiologist Sean McCarthy, gelatin is not only good for arthritis, but it does not break down joint cartilage, so it needs to be used for preventive purposes.

He proved this fact by the scientific method, a number of elderly people suffering from arthritis included in the daily diet of gelatin powder ('10) for five months.After that time, almost all of them have become much more mobile and more active than they were before.

From a medical point of view, gelatin makes joints more flexible, which prevents their destruction.

Among the contraindications it is worth noting the possibility of allergy to it after prolonged use.And people suffering oksaluricheskim diathesis and cardiovascular disease, it is also contraindicated.