Bruised toe

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016

Do not disparage even the smallest injury, because they can have very serious consequences.So, bruised finger in the first few minutes causes unbearable pain, and if his treatment approach is wrong, it may appear more dire consequences.If possible, you should immediately contact the emergency room.

you need for self-treatment: powder concoctions, ice, vodka, anesthetic ointment, bandages and plantain leaves.

If pain is severe, it is not self-medicate.Refer to the traumatologist, it will determine how serious the consequences can be injury.If there is a crack in the finger, the finger will never Bint own, it has to do only a specialist who knows his profession.If the injury not serious, then you may well cope with the consequences of using folk remedies.

During the first day as possible need to walk less, and the finger to be in a raised state, it will not allow the access of blood and, consequently, the pain and swelling will be significantly less.

First of all you need to do after an injury cold

packs - apply a piece of ice to the injury.If the ice is not at your fingertips, just lower the foot in cold water.Compresses repeated every two hours and 15 minutes.Conducting such compresses strictly contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus.After the compress in place of injury applied analgesic ointment.

When severe pain need to take analgesic medication (tablet).

You can also use the following packs:

  • good remedy is fresh-water sponge, it is diluted to gustoobraznoy consistency and applied to the injury, and then the finger bandage.The band changed twice a day.
  • Soak a cloth in vodka and wrap her bruised finger.
  • Take plantain leaves and make a meal of them, apply it to the bruise and bandage the sore spot.

spend a few days later, physiotherapy, apply dry heat to the site of injury, it warms your finger.

first week prohibited to make sudden movements, so as not to hurt finger.