Easy chicken pie, casserole

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
12 June 2016

boiled chicken - a dietary product, it must be present in the kids' menu.Not every child loves boiled meat and then have to be smart mums preparing interesting and tasty dishes based on this product.One of the most successful culinary experiments with boiled chicken meat is a pie-pudding.This dish is a meat filling.

This snack cake, by the way, will appeal not only to children, but adult family members.In addition, it can be submitted to any meal during the day, pie, pudding proved to be excellent as a snack, you can take with you to work or picnic.Preparing this dish quickly, and therefore received the second name - "lazy pie, pudding."

Classic easy-pie casserole with chicken: recipe

Product List:

  • 300 g of cooked chicken meat (breast or whole leg is used);
  • 2 pcs.raw chicken eggs;
  • 150 grams of milk;
  • to 100 g of flour;
  • 50g hard cheese varieties;
  • 0,5 h. L.baking powder;
  • vegetable oil for greasing the form;
  • salt to taste;
  • set of spices to taste (ground black pepper, coriander, curry).


ostuzhennoy separate the boiled meat from the bones, cut into small pieces.In a bowl, mix the eggs, salt, baking powder and milk.Beat product mass until smooth.Small portions 50 g of flour.If the dough is too thin, add more flour.The consistency of the dough should turn out as sour cream.Grated cheese rub.The dough laying meat and cheese, stir.The resulting mass is transferred into a baking dish, after brushing it with vegetable oil.

Oven exhibit on heating mode to 200 ° C, put in a form with the workpiece.Bake casserole 40 minutes.On the surface of the cake must be formed crust golden brown.Take out the form from the oven, cover it with a dry towel.Give the cake to infuse for 15 minutes and pull out.You can serve the cake-pudding to the table.

Cooking instructions

Easy-pie casserole recipe listed in the product can be prepared in Multivarki.The dough is poured into the cup on Multivarki exhibited regime "baking" for 40 minutes.

The dough for the preparation of a casserole, you can add mushrooms, pre-cooked and shredded.Bright colors and freshness to a dish will greenery - a young parsley and dill need to chop and add to the main piece.

Serve chicken pie can be easy with ketchup and sauces for meat, mayonnaise, sour cream.