Watery blisters on the skin

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 May 2016
No doubt every woman dreams of a beautiful and smooth skin, and to achieve such a result often use different moisturizing mask, massage services, in the course are the people's councils.But even if exactly follow the advice of professional beauticians there is no 100% guarantee from the appearance of small problems related with skin.
And, of course, if you suddenly find yourself watery bubbles, the definition of "nuisance" can hardly express the fullness of your emotions.The natural desire of every woman is to get rid of the bubbles, and this aspiration is not only justified, but also is the only true solution to this problem.After all, if you do not take proper measures, then after a while the situation may worsen.
reason for the appearance of such bubbles can appear various diseases, most of them are dangerous to health.Let's take a brief look at the most likely of them.
In most cases, the cause is common chickenpox .It is a common disease that is not harmful to health.Most often they becom
e ill as a child and had been ill, have lifelong immunity against the disease.The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, and when you are not ill as a child, then it can become infected.At first appear watery blisters that after a while the crust and eventually disappear altogether.The disease may be accompanied by weakness in the body and high temperatures to recover faster consult a doctor.
reason could also be the shingles , watery appearance of bubbles is the first symptom of the disease.The disease is also transmitted virus when it infects epithelia of the skin and its nerves.Bubbles occur just in the place where the disease should occur.A sick person can sharply feel the fatigue and weakness in the body.Treat the disease with special ointments and gels, which are prescribed by a doctor after the test.
Herpes also cause watery bubbles.Usually they appear on the face closest to the nose and lips, and herpes can appear directly on the mucosa.There are several different forms of the disease, and each method requires special treatment.
prolonged sun exposure can also lead to this result.The skin on the face by nature more susceptible to ultraviolet rays and therefore need to be careful on hot days, especially in early spring, when the skin is not used to the sun for a long winter.The bubbles themselves go, you only need to lubricate the skin protective cream.
In the event that the bubbles on the skin cause itching and pain, it is imperative to seek medical help.Not worth without knowing the exact diagnosis to try to treat them properly selected treatment can only aggravate the situation.Doctor make an accurate diagnosis, will provide the necessary advice and prescribe medications that as soon as possible will help you get rid of the problem.Self-medication with the help of folk remedies may only be weak sunburn.