What if no voice?

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 May 2016
No one is immune from this situation, when suddenly lost his voice.Of course, just because it does not disappear, but it can be accidentally caught in the rain and just, and in the morning wake up with a husky voice.Not very important cause, but it is important to know how to get him back as soon as possible, especially if you constantly have to work a lot to communicate with people.Return to voice people's councils will help you below.
To do this you will need: butter, milk, herbs (eucalyptus, linden, chamomile), honey.
If you do not carry one of these components, try to find an alternative means!
in 1 cup of milk (milk temperature should be 40 degrees) diluted 1 ch. L.oil and 2 h. L.honey.Such drink drink 2-3 times a day in small sips, do not drink it all at once, as a sharp drop in temperature can badly affect the vocal cords.
Once the drink is drunk, his neck wrapped a scarf, and a minimum of 30 minutes without leaving the house.
also well help in such cases and therapeutic inhalat
ion.Mix equal parts of chamomile, eucalyptus and lime.Then take 2 tbsp.l.and the resulting mixture is poured half a liter of water and then put on the fire.At the time of its boiling remove from heat and cover with a towel, decoction need to breathe for 15-20 minutes.
after inhalation is necessary to make a gentle massage of the larynx.It is made from the throat down to his chest lightly for two minutes.Then you need a little "pozevat" after the massage, the fact that yawning stimulates the vocal apparatus.
What not to do?
If it really happened, that you have temporarily lost his voice, do not panic and do not try to attempt to talk.Even a whisper in such a situation can cause irreparable damage to the ligaments, so it is best to refrain from talking.If you neglect these tips and begin to try to talk you can and did lose his voice.
Here is one of the people's councils.Take 1 liter of milk and put it on the fire, put the milk in the carrots and cook 3-4.Cook is necessary as long as the carrots will not fully cooked.After the milk filter and drink the broth throughout the day.
Maintain optimum moisture throat, for that exclude drinks containing caffeine.
If after a few days the voice is not returned, then without a visit to the doctor will not do!