It hurts the liver after drinking alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 May 2016
Though alcohol have long been attributed to the category of medical poisons, he nevertheless is constantly on a regular basis is used by the majority of citizens.It is not just about alcoholics people, but also of those who allow themselves to relax so that on weekends and public holidays.And as you know the holidays we have a lot, to some is not averse to visit the saloon and at the end of the week.But the frequency of consumption of alcohol is not the problem, the main problem for our body is that it is often used without any restrictions.The main burden falls on its use on the liver, it can very much be affected by high doses of alcohol.And the man himself often after drinking alcohol may feel pain in the liver area.
accepted that even alcohol is good for health, but it is quite a controversial statement.But even if it and considered the best, the recommended daily 60 g of light red wine.
Alcohol abuse can lead to the most disastrous consequences, first and foremost it is a strong liver damage
.The task of the body to purify the blood of all the toxins present in it, this "filter" of the body.Many people felt a slight pain in the liver at the holiday table, prefer to just have a pain reliever, and to continue the celebration, and not to stop taking alcohol at all.A liver is so alert you of imminent danger, which can lead to further consumption of alcohol.Do not ignore these signals to the body, it can lead to death if alcohol poisoning occurs.
As you know, part of the alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and this poison is so versatile that invariably affects every cell of our body.In chronic alcoholics often seen atrophy of the gastric cells, thus greatly disturbed digestion, and this is very serious.Over time, developing a vitamin deficiency, the pancreas is not able to because of alcohol need to work as a result may develop pancreatitis.And that's not the worst thing, the greatest danger as stated above alcohol is the liver.
liver is not fully recycles entering the alcohol, about 85% of it is oxidized to acetaldehyde, which is able to cause irreparable damage to all the body's cells.Liver systematically processing the alcohol, slowly not only destroyed, but significantly reduced in size.This, in turn, is fraught with compression of blood vessels and the increase in pressure.Vessels may simply break off and come profuse bleeding, and a direct threat to human life.In fact, the reasons for which hurts the liver from alcohol is not a lot, look at some of them.
frequent abuse of alcohol can lead to fatty liver.At first, the disease does not manifest itself only after a certain time can be felt intermittent pain on the right side under the ribs.The very body becomes soft and noticeably increased in size.
may come alcoholic hepatitis, the disease can lead to coma or in the worst case end in death.Its symptoms are: nausea, weight decrease, loss of appetite, feeling of heaviness in the right upper quadrant, can get sick with jaundice.If you take medication on time, you can avoid serious consequences.
Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, that's the most common disease in our country is directly linked to alcohol abuse.In the early stages it shows weakness in the body, nausea, if not taken adequate measures in time, you can come ascites, excessive bleeding, swelling may occur.It can be cured, but with obligatory complete abstinence from alcohol.
not careless attitude to alcohol, do not think you're something better and healthier than those of millions of people whose lives have been claimed alcoholic poison!