Cerebral vasospasm

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 May 2016
If disturbed vascular tone, they become more vulnerable to the effects of negative external and internal factors.The impact of adverse factors lead to a reduction or a spasm of blood vessels of the brain that triggers the headache.Spasm of blood vessels of the brain can not be treated routinely as its causes a wide variety, but that the following recommendations will help to strengthen the vascular system of the brain.
1. vasospasm often develops due to lower their tone.There he is at the change of weather, hypoxia, dehydration, physical or psychological stress, stress, with frequent use of strong tea or coffee, alcohol, and even chocolate.In this case, treatment should begin with the restoration of disorders of the vascular system.It is important to eat right, good impact on vessels of any localization has regular moderate exercise.When violations of the nervous system may also exhibit vascular pathologies, therefore it is necessary to carry out its stabilization and ensure restful sleep and rest y
our body.A positive result to strengthen the state of vessels is tempering water.
2. To vessels retained their elasticity, need to give preference to their food raw products.We need to eat a lot of onions, vegetables, legumes, oats and buckwheat, cabbage, fish, beets, pumpkins, apples, seaweed, green tea.Eliminating the need to fatty meats, smoked foods, fatty milk and cream, cocoa and chocolate, fried foods, coffee, mayonnaise.It is necessary to limit the amount of sugar and butter.In addition, to prevent dehydration and hypoxic conditions necessary to use up to 1.5 liters.of water per day, which also supports the viscosity of the blood and metabolism.
3. In order to strengthen the blood vessels, it is necessary to carry out contrast perfusion.The differential temperature has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and also determines the development of a normal response to changes in the environment.Carrying water treatment good effect on the nervous system.Such actions have a massage and moderate exercise.This relieves stress, there is a positive effect on blood circulation, increases the elasticity of blood vessels.
4. If you use traditional medicine, it is necessary to draw attention to the nettles, rose hips, birch, St. John's wort.Teas of these plants need to drink two-week course several times a year to prevent cerebral vasospasm.
5. Be sure to use honey to be mixed with lemon juice and grated garlic heads and leave in a tightly sealed jar for a week.Take this mixture you need a month to 2 tablespoons.
6. To eliminate spasm of blood vessels of the brain, reflex zone is necessary to operate the water.If there is a severe headache caused by a spasm of blood vessels of the brain, it is necessary to act on the foot for a few minutes a strong cold water flow.
7. Keep in mind that the causes of a headache vary widely.In some cases, the headache is not associated with vascular spasm.It is therefore consult your doctor who will prescribe the necessary examinations of the brain, and exclude more serious diseases.In addition, the correct diagnosis allows to appoint the best possible treatment.