The fungus in the ear

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 May 2016
otomycosis, or simple fungus in the ear is extremely unpleasant, and it is encountered less frequently, but still it is useful to know its causes and how to deal with it.
First of all, let's deal with its causes in order to know how to avoid the disease.As the ear passage contains all the necessary conditions for the life of the fungus.It's dark, there's humidity and at the same time it is always warm, and it is an ideal environment for the development of the fungus.But it is clear that for no apparent reason, he will never get there, and the reasons leading to its appearance can be quite different.For example, after undergoing severe disease organism it is in a relaxed state, which may lead to charging of the fungus.A similar result can cause injury and in the ear canal, or prolonged use of antibiotics.Even a simple bath can cause its appearance, and people on work related to water should be wary of its appearance twice!
otomycosis Unlike some other ear disease is not so difficult, it is difficu
lt to confuse even otitis.The characteristic symptoms of the fungus are intolerable itching in the ear canal, ear congestion, mucus, in rare cases, dizziness, headache and fever.Purulent discharge are the result of vital activity of the fungus, and can be observed at any stage of the disease.Pus may be of different colors, from yellow to dark, it all depends on the particular species of fungus settled in your ear.
On the location and extent of damage are distinguished fungus three forms: external - is when the fungus growing in the ear canal;medium - affects the middle ear;postoperative - develops in the inner ear.
If you notice symptoms at otomycosis, then in any case do not self-medicate, you only hurt yourself.It is also unacceptable to spend warm baths, compresses, and so on. E., The purpose is to warm the ear, it will only contribute to the development of the fungus.When the first symptoms consult a doctor, he will take the pus to analyze and accurately determine the shape of the fungus.To treat the fungus can only be prescribed by a doctor, in accordance with his recommendations.Often used for these purposes or triazole compound flikonazolovogo ketanozolovogo series.It is possible to treat fungus and tannin in glycerol, resorcinol, and other drugs.It happens that one course of treatment is not sufficient to cope with this problem, then a second course.Otomycosis considered fully healed in the case within one year is not a recurrence of the disease.
not neglect simple preventive rules: Do not swim in places where it is possible to catch a fungus;after each bathing and washing their ears thoroughly dry, water must not remain in the ear canal.Compliance with these simple recommendations will protect you from the risk of catching otomycosis!