Sore tonsils

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19 May 2016
have glands and have another name, which comes from the Latin word Tonsillen - the amygdala.In honor of this is the second title and was named one of the most serious diseases of tonsils - tonsillitis.Sami glands consist of a pair of pharyngeal one tongue and two of the tonsils, and in combination with lymphatic nodules they constitute pharyngeal ring, which protects our body from various infections.
The main purpose of the tonsils, is to neutralize the different pathogens that enter the body through an open mouth.It worked out in the tonsils immune cells that is the body's immune defenses.For this reason, the health of the tonsils is essential for the full protection of the body.If the body is in a weakened state, and it begins to penetrate a lot of bacteria, the amygdala simply can not cope with the task assigned to them and you get sick.First, there will soon tonsil inflammation and may be red, this tumor glands may be indicative of angina or acute tonsillitis.
most vulnerable to pathogens is
the palatine tonsils, as their outer part directly in contact with the oral cavity, they can even consider simply opening his mouth.The very structure of the glands is quite porous, they are permeated by small gaps (narrow connections), in which disease organisms and fall.It's kind of trap for microbes, but they in turn may be affected by them.As can be seen glands - this is a serious immune protection of the whole organism, and if they are removed, the body's defense appears a serious gap!
Conditions that may begin to hurt the tonsils, and the reasons leading to it.
angina. fairly common disease, it is caused by various bacteria, fungi, viruses, but especially streptococci and staphylococci.The reasons that can lead to the disease are different, and it is fatigue, severe hypothermia, vitamin deficiencies suffered by severe infectious disease.At first, begins to be felt in the throat tickle strong, there is a pain in the use of food, dry mouth and sore tonsils themselves.The disease occurs at a constant elevated temperature which may range from 37 to 40 degrees.
Chronic tonsillitis. inflammation in the glands may develop as a consequence of repeated tonsillitis, several infectious diseases (measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever).Inflammation can be a local nature, it is due to periodontal disease or tooth decay characteristic symptoms may include: bad breath, neurological pain radiating to the neck, mild fever, headache, lethargy.
retropharyngeal abscess. This disease can be the result of the transferred scarlet fever, measles, influenza.Its characteristic symptoms are: high fever, severe sore throat, breathing problems, shortness of breath possible.
chronic pharyngitis. In this disease are sore tonsils, red mucosa, mucus accumulates.It is the result of irritation of the mucous membrane.
Flu and colds. can easily get infected by contact with a sick person.
allergy. can manifest itself in the form of redness and swelling of the face, throat pain.
dry air. low level of humidity is able to provoke a sore throat and pain in the tonsils.This is especially significant during the winter heating.
tobacco smoke. constant inhalation of tobacco smoke greatly harms glands, and it does not matter you are a smoker yourself, or a passive smoker.
HIV. It is dangerous because such people immunity is weakened, and high risk of disease.
tumors. When they voice becomes hoarse, sore tonsils, swallowing painful and difficult.With this encounter mostly alcoholics and smokers.
Though tonsils and treated, but in some cases, doctors are only one way out - to remove them.Why is this happening?
The answer is simple - to prevent the spread of the disease throughout the body.After the glands associated with 97 different organs and tissues, and inflammation of the tonsils may affect the heart and the liver and other vital organs of man!