The rash on the elbows

By Admin | Health Recipes
19 May 2016
This phenomenon is quite rare, and for this reason usually no one sharpens their attention to this issue.And as it turns out in vain, because the rash on the elbows can be the first signs of a serious illness!
list of possible diseases that can lead to the appearance of a rash is quite wide, they include: eczema, hormonal background, atopic dermatitis, fungus, psoriasis and a number of sexually transmitted diseases.Of course, that alone can not be a rash of 100% proof of the presence of a disease, but in any case find it at should immediately contact the clinic.The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests and their results will determine whether or not you are sick.Undiagnosed infection is much easier to cure than the disease identified in the later stages.If you'll know what a rash pours at what disease you will be much easier to determine the cause of its occurrence at or your loved ones.
When psoriasis rash scaly elbows and at first may not cause any discomfort.But over time, begin to form
small plaques that cause itchy skin.In rare cases, there is only one rash and itching missing.Psoriasis is usually a family disease, which has infected an outsider can not.It is transmitted only on the genetic line, although there have been cases of the disease psoriasis and those people, relatives who did not have such cases.
Eczema .In this disease the bubbles under the epidermis of the skin and a mind like a small pink spots.A short time later they burst and the skin starts to peel off, there is itching.Rub the bubbles can not, as an open wound can lead to a more serious infection.Before you visit the doctor's use of folk remedies to relieve itching skin.
When atopic dermatitis may appear rash.But in this case, first there is a feeling of itching of the skin on the elbows, but only after grinding pours rash.
Mycosis .This fungus, it is also in some cases causes a rash on the elbows.This fungus multiplies in damp places (armpits, the area between the toes), but is able to move and elbows.The rash has an oval shape, and it gradually becomes white shade.
But before you contact a doctor, you will not be amiss to know how to care for the skin, which poured rash.In that case it is recommended to use a scaly rash various oils (warmed to the warm state, it is better to take linseed oil or olive oil), they are applied evenly on the entire surface of rashes and cover film to prevent the spreading of oil.It is also recommended to add fat or oil bath every time while taking a bath.Avoid any contact with chemicals and cosmetics, they can cause skin irritation.
But if the rash is moist and has the form of bubbles, it is necessary to use the funds that would contribute to dryness.For example, well in such cases it helps hydrogen peroxide or herbal (mix equal parts of celandine with St. John's wort).This fee is necessary to moisten and make him a cotton swab, then rub the rash.