Rash with blisters on his hands

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
rash with blisters has a diameter of 0.5 cm and each vial filled with a clear, cloudy or bloody fluid.The rash may be disposed linearly or scattered on the skin of hands.
Human skin not only performs protective function of any mechanical damage, but also can "flag" on the apparent violations in the balance of the whole body, including in the form of a rash on the skin of hands.
bubble rash may be a different character, it can be barely noticeable or vice versa is clearly expressed, may appear periodically, as an allergic reaction, or, on the contrary, be permanent.It can also occur as a consequence of the inflammatory process, or as a consequence of infection.But do not make conclusions about the transient causes of its appearance, because sometimes difficult to identify the exact cause and professional dermatologist.Ignorant people can easily confuse the symptoms are also often before the rash appears on the hands can be seen other manifestations of her previous: herpes, dermatitis of various et
iologies, erythema, Aqueous, dizgidroz, insect bites, pemphigus.
most common cause of a rash on the hands is a manifestation of allergic reactions to a stimulus.It can be animal dander, certain foods, detergents, cosmetics, or even fabric.Even if you do not notice a direct link between the stimulus and the appearance of the rash, it helps to find out delivery of tests for the establishment of allergens.
Until you see your doctor and he is accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, is strictly forbidden to tear rashes, even if you have to endure the intense itching.Tore bubbles you can thus provoke a rash elsewhere and at worst may appear pustular sores.Also avoid excessive skin irritation should wash their hands only a mild detergent and wash the dishes when the use of rubber gloves under that dress gloves made of cotton.It should also be at the time of treatment to give up wearing watches, if their composition has a nickel!
Since there is always some risk of relapse, for the prevention thereof, must adhere to certain rules:
- Look for those substances and objects that come into contact with your hands.Avoid contact with potential irritants.
- Try to ensure that your emotional state has always been normal, as it is proved that it is a nerve disorder often and cause disease.
- When choosing cosmetics for hands pre-test it on a possible allergic reaction, if all goes well, then go ahead and purchase the vehicle.
- In the event that you are 100% confident that the rash is an allergic reaction and you know a particular stimulus, you should take an antihistamine.
- If possible, avoid contact with people who have a rash on the skin of the hands.
By following these simple tips you will protect yourself and your family from the risk of catching this nasty problem!