The rash on the buttocks

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
Eruptions in the buttocks indicate the presence of any irregularities in the body, and when the first symptoms be sure to seek the help of a dermatologist.Do not ignore these symptoms, since then may develop a severe form of the disease, which is fraught with disastrous consequences for the whole organism.
today are often the cause of these lesions on the skin is directly related to an allergic reaction.Allergies can appear as food, and to external sources of irritation.Among food rash on the buttocks can cause containing in its composition following pigments: lycopene (present in red apples, tomatoes, strawberries), anthocyanins (there are blueberries, plums, beets), alpha and beta-carotene (present in the pumpkin,carrot and cherry).Allergies can also be caused by wearing synthetic underwear.
Each person has a rash may appear in different forms, and usually by removing the source of irritation allergy symptoms pass quickly enough.To help in the speedy disposal of rash you may antihistamines, but
the main thing is to eliminate the possibility of a repetition of an allergic reaction.
These same symptoms can result in the abuse of drugs that include hormones or steroids.Simple neglect of set doses of drugs or use them beyond the statutory time can cause not only a rash on the thighs and buttocks, but also damage the vital organs.
If acne-like rash on the buttocks and its treatment do not help even cosmetics, you should be tested for detection of possible infections.This is possible if the body contains species of staphylococci.If they are detected, you will be assigned to the appropriate treatment based on typical signs of infection.
failed internal processes of metabolism in the body can also cause rashes, and it occurs in those areas of the body where fat accumulates the most, and sebaceous glands.This area of ​​the face, chest, hips, back, buttocks on them, and a rash.In order to get rid of it and lead to normal metabolism should be to lose weight and to review your diet.
Psoriasis.In this disease spots may appear anywhere on the body, including the buttocks.It is a hereditary disease and its treatment can be very long, and must necessarily take place under the supervision of a physician.
About half of all cases the cause of the rash is any skin and venereal diseases.Often they are: herpes simplex, yeast fungus, Candida, in such cases, the rash is the liquid inside each blister.When the first symptoms be sure to consult your doctor.
abuse of tobacco and alcohol can cause similar symptoms, and rash to come to nothing, you just need to throw the bad habits!
prolonged stress can cause a rash in problem areas, as a course of treatment is recommended to spend free time with family and friends with the same interests, and also to make forays into the countryside.