Aching tip of the tongue

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
For us, it's just the body language that allows us to talk and when we needed food.And for people who know, he still is an indicator of health, he can determine the state of the general physical condition and identify the specific pathology.For this reason, the survey often asked to show the language.
If the language has changed its shape, color, moisture, you feel the pain of the language in its present patina - it's the primary symptoms of various diseases, and it may be an expert to understand that you are concerned.
surface language accepted conditionally divided into 4 different zones, each of these zones is directly connected with certain organs and can detect problems associated with them.Thus, if the tip of the tongue pain, it may be associated with heart or lung disease.
Pain can be caused by many reasons, so check the surface of the tongue carefully.If you do not notice viral sores and other injuries in the area of ​​language, and if you do not it bit their tip and does not burn, the
pain can be caused by glossalgia.When the pain of this disease first appears on the tip of your tongue, and then to the rest goes to the surface of the tongue.
There are other symptoms of glossalgia is tingling, numbness, sometimes burning tongue.All the symptoms may occur at any time, no matter you are eating or just relaxing.The most severe pain occurs in the evening.Until now, doctors do not know the unique causes of the disease in 20% of cases it is in violation of the gastrointestinal tract, and in 15% of the disease occurs as a consequence of poor quality of dental crowns, decaying teeth - their sharp edge much damage the surface of the language.
similar pain can also be the result of a variety of neurological and endocrine disorders in the body.Infection can also cause pain in the tip of the tongue, to the same condition can cause and allergic reactions.Sometimes prolonged use of drugs also causes pain.
Lack of vitamin B is also a common cause of pain language, while it may be red and it may appear erosion.
In such cases, access to a doctor is a must, but it can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.If you feel numbness of the tongue, then turn to the neurologist, in all other cases, go to the dentist.