How to clean sheepskin coat at home?

By Admin | Household Tricks
25 May 2016

quite a bit more and start the winter season.Many have often wondered how to properly and effectively clean your sheepskin coat at home, it does not cause damage to the product.And there is nothing surprising, because not everyone can afford to pass the winter stuff to the dry cleaners.And, as practice shows, many so-called "experts" clean sheepskin coat means that negatively affect its material, with the result that the service life of products is significantly reduced.

We clean sheepskin coat yourself.

Before you start cleaning, set from which the material is made sheepskin.This thing basically sewn from leather or suede.So:

Leather products.

  • In no case do not use salt, as it will spoil your outfit.Therefore, to remove greasy stains are best to use semolina or starch.They are well absorb grease, grime and moisture, and thus, unlike the salts not lighten the skin.
  • Low-fat stains are best addressed through a small piece of normal rubber, pre-soaked in kerosene.
  • But pockets and collar, which d
    uring use of the product are affected overall, should be cleaned with a stiff, hard brush and tooth powder.For greater efficiency stir alcohol tooth powder and only then apply them to the brush.
  • If it gets wet during the cleaning of the leather cover, sheepskin put on a flat surface so that it dried up.Then mash the clothes by hand.

Suede products.

  • For best used cleaning liquid, special medications, since they are not only clean the surface, but also contribute to upgrading material and protect it.
  • If you want to look like a new product, process or its brass stiff hair brush.Salt may also be used.But keep in mind, it should not be too much, as this can lead to baldness product.
  • greasy stains can be removed using a rough cloth soaked in gasoline.
  • But in order to whiten light sheepskin coat, use ammonia with hydrogen peroxide.After this procedure rinse with cold water.

important nuances

As you can see, clean sheepskin coat at home is much easier than it seems at first glance.However, in order not to ruin the outfit, follow these guidelines.

  • Drying clothes like you only on the shoulders.
  • Do not wash it, as it negatively affects the material.
  • To restore color, lubricate it with glycerine.
  • suede, nubuck and suede should be cleaned dry

And finally, remember the most important rule that must be adhered to: Before cleaning, try out the cleanser on an inconspicuous area coats.