Dieffenbachia: impact on human

By Admin | Magic Plants
31 May 2016

Dieffenbachia - a surprising and unusual plant that captivates at first sight.She was brought to our shores from distant tropical forests recently, but in such a short time, she managed to win the hearts of millions.Today dieffenbachia used to decorate homes, offices and other premises.This is not surprising, since thanks to its original appearance it transforms the room, making notes in its interior and chic style.And all would do, but that's just some of the experts say that this beauty has a negative impact on human rights.Let's see whether this really is.

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As shown by numerous studies, dieffenbachia contains volatile, resulting in a perfectly cleans the air of harmful pathogens of various diseases.Plus, this shrub increases humidity, which, as we know, has a positive effect on our health.

We should not forget that this plant is recommended to grow not only in homes and offices, but also in those places where the poor environment.The thing is that it cleans the air of trichloro-Til

enau, formaldehyde and xylene.But US scientists have conducted studies, which revealed that the bush has a beneficial effect on the heart system.But be that as it may, dieffenbachia not as harmless as it seems at first glance.Its leaves contain a very toxic substance that provokes swelling of the tongue, of skin irritation, blindness, etc.Plus a number of known cases where because of this shrub a person has numbness.

Can I grow dieffenbachia house?

Cultivate dieffenbachia house can be.But try to take precautions.For instance, if you have children in the house or pets, place the pot so that they could not get it.Before his transplant, be sure to wear special rubber gloves.After this procedure, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.At the same time it should be done as soon as you remove the gloves.But the view of the fact that dieffenbachia drains aroma which negatively affects the nervous system, mistakenly, because no experiment has not confirmed this fact.Therefore, if you are a fan of this shrub, it can easily be grown at home.