Melissa: useful properties

By Admin | Magic Plants
30 May 2016

grass Melissa has a nice subtle flavor for which it and appreciate it.Everyone knows that the balm is very helpful, but not everyone knows what it is.It is usually added to tea as a sedative, but the beneficial properties of this plant does not end there.

All good balm is in its essential oils.Besides soothing properties they possess carminative and antispasmodic properties.Lemon balm herb brewed as an effective sleep aid.

Interestingly, the optimal effect is a small dose of the drug, but it is pointless to increase, as a stronger action it will not.What can help us to Melissa?

infusion of lemon balm are taking gastric ulcer.Grass has hemostatic and choleretic action and stimulates gastric motility.Also, it is prescribed for arrhythmia and nervous trembling.

In addition, infusion of lemon balm prescribed to people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and women with a variety of disorders of the menstrual cycle.This plant has astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiviral effect on our body.

Melissa will help to cope with disturbances in the metabolism, normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, heart.And for those who are constantly feeling tired and prone to depression, lemon balm is a must.

For treatment usually prepared therefrom tinctures.To do this, crushed lemon balm herb.The resulting mass (1 tablespoon) pour 2 cups boiling water, then insist within an hour.The resulting infusion filter and take half a cup 1-2 times a day or a few tablespoons to 6 times a day.If you are preparing the infusion of dried herbs, then cook it for 15 grams of dried lemon balm need 1 cup of boiling water.

of grass left after brewing can be used as a cushion-compress.For this purpose, it is applied in the form of heat to the sore spot.

for poultices also use the infusion of lemon balm.In this case, 1 tablespoon herbs pour 1 cup boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes in expanded form.You can use it only freshly prepared, because with time the useful properties of a tincture lost.

To prepare an alcohol tincture Melissa poured alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5.

Melissa just like any other herb has its contraindications.These include individual intolerance, hypertension.With care it is necessary to take those who have epilepsy, liver failure.Also, it is not recommended to use pregnant women and children under 3 years.