How to make pickled apples?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
06 June 2016

pickled apples - the most simple and known method of harvested fruit for winter.Pickled apples not only delicious, but also useful, because they retain all of their properties, as is known, apples contain vitamins B and C, fructose, magnesium, manganese and many other elements that are beneficial for the human body.

is best suited for urinating winter varieties, as they possess a firmer flesh.It is also possible to use for urinating autumn apples and any sour-sweet varieties.It is necessary to select only fully ripe and healthy fruit, no rot and dents.If the surface of the fruit has a wormhole or a clearly visible damage, it should not be soaked.

before soaking apples stacked in a cool dark room where they should be based on at least 10-12 days.They were then washed thoroughly and carefully placed in the barrel.In order to better apples in barrels stored at the bottom and the walls of the barrel is placed leaves of currants or cherries.Also for these purposes may be used straw.The latter leaves or is

also pre-rinse thoroughly with warm water to get rid of foreign smell.

When holding apples should exercise caution and avoid their attacks against each other and on the walls of the barrel.Lay the apples can be quite tight, but avoiding the pressure.It is best to every two or three rows of apples to put his arms currant leaves or straw.Once the apples are stacked on top of back cover armful of straw that will protect them from damage and give them a more intense flavor and a nice juicy yellow-golden color.

Then fill the barrel is specially prepared sweet water or wort.They should be prepared in advance.To do this, pour rye flour with boiling water and add salt.Five gallons of water must be about one hundred grams of flour and a tablespoon of salt.Thereafter, the resulting solution should be mixed thoroughly.Then, the solution should be insisted for some time.When he will insist it drain thoroughly worth it - must ready.It only remains evenly pour it in barrels.

Barrels is put to room temperature and keep there for about ten days.From time to time they need to be open and remove the foam.Also it is necessary to see to it that they had a sufficient number of mash, and in case of the need to constantly add it.Ten days later, pickled apples are ready.And you can transfer them to a cool place for storage.