How is shingles?

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
Often, if a family member there any disease, then there are other quite appropriate in such cases the question - whether the disease is contagious and can they get sick?The same is true in the case of shingles.To answer these questions it is necessary to understand the nature of this disease!
Those who suffered in childhood chickenpox virus and produced in the future, they are immune to this disease.But the virus remains in the body, he just conserved.And under the influence of certain reasons he can climb out - this is shingles.
But the roots of the disease have only little in common with chickenpox, shingles is not as contagious as chickenpox.Still, there is the risk of developing this unpleasant disease, if you are not a child had chickenpox, it is in direct contact with the patient, you can catch.In order to avoid this, try for a week less in contact with the patient.
transmission of the virus through airborne droplets completely ruled out ill can only be deprived of contact on the body.Bu
t in this situation, it had contracted chicken pox begins to develop, and if you have had this disease before, you can not be afraid of the risk of ill.
Transmission of the virus is possible through clothing and sand on the beaches.That is, if the place where he lay sick ringworm after a while will lay down a healthy person, but does not have immunity against chicken pox, he is at risk.
When acute symptoms of the disease are, the disease is almost non-contagious.So if a patient bubbles depriving dried, and new do not appear, you can not be afraid to catch.Also, in the absence of the external forms of the disease should not fear the risk of transmission (if only internal).
now knowing the necessary information on the disease you will be able to protect themselves and their loved ones from shingles if necessary!