Cracking skin on the toes

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
Though the summer, many are looking forward, looking forward to relaxing on the beach, walking along the beach without shoes, swimming, and so on. D., But the long-awaited plan may violate the very summer.Or rather the heat, which is the cause of cracking of the skin on the toes.By then it becomes not to walk, because the cracked skin not only looks ugly, but can deliver a sharp pain.For this reason, at the first sign of cracking start treatment.
In most cases, the cause of the cracking of the skin disease is a skin fungus.According to scientific disease called athlete's foot, and it's contagious.Infected with fungus, you can not only by direct contact with the patient, but by accident.For example, often become infected with fungus after a visit to the sauna, swimming pool, sauna.Initially, the fungus causes redness areas between the toes, skin peeling, and after there are small cracks that may bleed.And if you do not take time for the treatment of this disease, it can develop into a more severe for
m, and then you can not do without the professional help of the dermatologist.
The fungus treatment you can help traditional medicine.
Now on sale there is a fairly extensive selection of different antifungal drugs using these sprays and ointments you will quickly be able to cause a skin of feet to their original state.But to cope with this problem can be more simple methods, and most importantly cheap.One proven traditional methods, it is treated with a bow.In hot water steam out feet in the water be sure to add the baking soda.Then put on your toes mush from the bow and wrap legs polyethylene.Go to bed and in the morning take off the polyethylene and wash your feet.For a complete treatment procedure was repeated two or three times.
There are also special masks to help solve this problem.One of the most popular - a mask with castor oil.Mix item 0.5.l.alcohol with 1 tbsp.l.castor oil and 2 h. L.decoction of chamomile.After all the components are mixed to talc is added thereto and make dough.This blend is lubricated with cracks in the skin and left for forty minutes.Then wash and feet smeared nourishing cream.
But if home treatment does not give proper result, and the skin was still cracked, contact your dermatologist.