Warts on the fingers

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
Warts on hands are a real problem a long time people of all ages.After all, if a person has, he has a sense of inferiority, with this opinion agreed upon by all psychologists working with people suffering from this problem.And the problem is not far-fetched, but a tragedy for some people.With her we experienced at different times and have always tried to bring the warts, and a variety of methods.Tighten with this decision, it is not necessary, because on this basis can develop a variety of systems to cope with that in the future will be much more difficult than with the very warts!
In fact, warts are benign skin lesions, its appearance caused by a virus papillomatosis, which is contagious.The incubation period of this virus can last from 2 to 5 months, can be infected by direct contact with a carrier of the virus.Often warts occur in people with weakened immune systems and in the field abrasions and wounds.
Warts are not only disfigure the body, they can cause pain and start to bleed.For this rea
son, try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
During treatment for warts was observed that by themselves they rarely disappear, and therefore, treatment is necessary.But do not rush to start to self, certainly before this seem dermatologist.This is due to the fact that the wart appearance very similar to some malignant skin lesions, and it is important not to lose time in vain treatment "imaginary" warts!
Here are some of the methods by which you can get rid of warts:
- Removal by salicylic acid. necessary to lubricate the wart daily this acid for several weeks.Do it after a shower, when the skin is still damp.The next day, using pumice removes the dead outer layer of skin, and then re-applied salicylic acid!
- Cryotherapy, or the use of liquid nitrogen. On average, you will need 4 stage of the procedure, and the time it will take 1-3 weeks.
- use cantharidin. This medication is applied to the wart and the finger bandage for 24 hours.If cantharidin used in combination with other means, the finger bandage is only a few hours.In place of its application may be small blisters and aching.
- method is laser removal. Perhaps this is the most effective way to remove warts, besides it only takes a few minutes.And the re-occurrence of warts in this place is excluded, because the skin is coagulated, which guarantees the destruction of the virus.
- electrocoagulation method. also a very effective way to remove warts.With this method, you can stop the bleeding, he also gives a complete disinfection of the virus.