How to treat the sand in the kidneys?

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
because of violation of metabolism in the kidney can form sand, which will be delivered to a human patient in trouble.But the main danger of the sand in the kidney is that this is the first sign of kidney disease.Over time, when you start the disease small grains can increase in size to the stones, which are already seriously threaten human life.Sand in the kidneys can be acquired disease or appear as a consequence of hereditary predisposition.
Metabolic disorders - a generalized cause of this problem.If we consider this issue in more detail, the sand can occur due to excessive consumption of salty, fatty, acidic, spicy food, because of the presence of urinary tract infections, vascular disorders, and so on. D.
But the trouble is still in thethat the existence of such a problem at one learns only when the disease will have an effect.Signs of the presence of sand or stones in the kidney is a sediment in the urine (in the form of blood) arising stinging during urination, fever, severe pain.It is a
lso possible to increase blood pressure and, besides the presence of sand may appear beside of the above features, not only one.
In case if you find even one of these signs, you should immediately seek skilled care at the hospital.But even if the sand went well, it is not ruled out the possibility of re-occurrence or the fact that sand will begin to form stones.The earlier the disease is detected, the better!
Before proceeding directly to treatment should accurately verify the presence of this problem, and an accurate diagnosis can only be a specialist.The doctor you appoint the number of tests and renal ultrasonography, if the need arises, it will be held and an additional examination.
In the case of confirmation of diagnosis, will be assigned to special treatment, which will be the basis of a special diet.From everyday diet certainly will remove all products that can contribute to the formation of sand and stones in the kidneys.Another important aspect of treatment is the large consumption of liquid.The daily rate shall be no less than three liters, it is necessary in order to appear not accumulate sand and washed away from the kidneys.
In addition to the diet may be prescribed some medical preparations.Their task is to destroy harmful microflora in the kidneys and the dissolution of sand.One of the best in this region are considered drugs and Cystenalum kaneforn, but they are taking only on prescription.
If we generalize treatment, it involves adherence to diet and water regime, if necessary, taking medicines, as well as mobile lifestyle.Do not neglect the latter requirement, since due to sedentary lifestyles and often begin to form stones!
To remove sharp cramps in the lower back should put a warm hot water bottle on the kidneys.The heat will expand the blood vessels and the sand will be released soon.To remove spasms and severe pain you can take one of antispasmodics, for example, no-spa.But if after taking antispasmodic pain did not let up, then call your doctor to avoid serious health complications.
But receiving antispasmodics and use heating pads are possible only in cases when a person is exactly sure of the cause of pain.If you are unsure, it is best not to use anything as the pain may be due to a tumor, and the heat from the heaters will only strengthen it!