Bursts the skin on the fingers

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
we begin to notice the problem only when it begins to annoy us herself.Similarly, damage to the skin of hands, we do not notice the small peeling, dryness, or redness of the skin, while she fingers starts to burst this match.That's when we start looking for a way to not only treat, but also at the same time try to discover the cause of this unpleasant "events".And the reason is simple and banal, can not we all can bring himself to follow the hand skin, its time to grease nourishing cream, wash the dishes only with gloves in cold weather be sure to wear gloves.
is always better to avoid problems than later to decide how to deal with it.The skin on the hands is quite soft and it needs protection and care no less than the face.
As a rule, a person all of the following very carefully, but the hands are often forgotten about.Force yourself to get used to wash dishes only in rubber gloves, it will take no more than one week.By getting rid of this problem once, do not let her reappearance.
But what exactly should I do if it already happened?Here are some practical tips.
Try to reduce the contact of the hands with water, at least for the next few days.And for the immediate treatment using starch solution (1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of starch).In the prepared solution hold hands for 15 minutes, then melt the wax (cosmetic) using a water bath and soak in his hands.Before diving, hand wash and smeared with cream.Then hand wrapped in a plastic bag and wrapped with a towel.The same procedure was repeated with the second hand, so you better ask someone to help you.After exactly 15 minutes, remove the mask and wash your hands.
If you regularly take care to care for your hands, you do not need any treatment and never!