It is useful to drink raw eggs

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
course eggs are a valuable food product, with this statement, even many nutritionists agree.We usually eggs eaten fried or boiled, and cook them in various ways.But there are many people who prefer to drink a raw egg instead of frying it.And then there is quite a relevant question, but really good to drink raw egg or a simple error?
most common eggs are eggs, so it is their example and consider the matter.The egg many different vitamins, for example, vitamin E, present in egg contributes to the normal operation of the vessels and the heart, and the rejuvenation of the whole body;vitamin A supports mucous membranes and prevents dryness of the skin;Vitamin D is good in the prevention of rickets and caries.Present in large amounts of folic acid will provide a pregnant woman with essential trace elements for the normal development of the child.
The egg is also high in selenium, and lutein, which is an excellent antioxidant.It is also present phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium, and the protein of an egg
contains 14% of the daily requirement of protein required for one person.
but some risk still exists, even though the hens laying eggs in factories, regular vaccinations against salmonella, the risk of infection is the place to be.So you should at least check on the freshness of the eggs before they drink.
determine the freshness of the eggs in several ways.For example, to view the lights when viewing the dark spots, it means that the egg is stale.Also, it can be immersed in salt water (1 tbsp. L. 0.5 liters of water), if it comes up, it is better to give up the venture to drink the egg as it is stale!
And, of course, to pay attention to the date indicated on the eggs, if the date of "issue" was no more than seven days, the egg is considered a dietary and you can drink.If more than seven days, this table egg and it should not be drinking.Damage (cracks) eggs and drinking it is not necessary.To avoid the risk of contamination with salmonella can be fully, if you drink quail eggs, they are not exposed to the disease.
tastes eggs affect the diet of chicken, shell color, breed poultry.Eggs from chickens definitely tastier and healthier, because their diet includes a greater variety of feeds.If you compare the raw egg with boiled in terms of nutrients, then it would be about the same.