How to clear the lungs of nicotine?

By Admin | Health Recipes
18 May 2016
Everyone knows that light smoker is constantly polluted nicotine and tar, but not everyone knows that when a person quits smoking, the lungs themselves are cleared.It is believed that they can be cleared for a long time, and subject to frequent finding in the open air.But all of this hypothesis, let us try to understand what really is the case.
As it turns out, this opinion is not gone far from the truth, indeed the ability to clear the lungs of nicotine.And it does not necessarily change their place of residence and move to the countryside to be constantly in the open air.The body displays the resin in any case, the time period that this may require depends on the length of smoking.If a man was smoking a short time, it is easy to clean for several months.
Most people quit this addiction, do not even notice the process of cleansing the body of resin, the body takes the poisons quickly.But sometimes it can be felt a bad taste in the mouth and bad breath, but it is a temporary phenomenon, and after
some time, it goes by itself.
If you want to contribute your body get rid of the poison, then make regular trips.It will be good if you'll walk through the coniferous forest, the air in it is very clean.In order to achieve even greater results work out from time to time run, the body will work harder and more easy to clean.
can also engage in some kind of sports such as aerobics or swimming, you will not only have a good time, but also your lungs soon get rid of the tar.
While jogging or even a walk in the fresh air you can start to feel a little dizzy or euphoria, it means that your lungs full of oxygen and walk should be completed.
After some time after quitting mucus begins to appear, it is a sign that the tiny hairs located in the airways start to display tar and nicotine.In this situation, you can leave things as they are, and give the body a chance to display their own poisons, but you can help him with the help of inhalations.
To do this you need:
- Carry out several procedures (5-10), the duration of each should be 20 minutes.
- collection of herbs: oak leaves, pine needles, juniper, fir, cedar, tarragon, sage, black currant, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, lime, eucalyptus, birch.Of these herbs choose what you think is best suited to you.
- Sam inhaler (steam or dry), because of its lack of a pot, a stove and a towel.
In the absence of an inhaler use pot, brew in her herbal tea (one of the above) and cover the pan with a towel so that you can breathe the steam.Be careful not to burn, as the heat required to get dressed.After 20 minutes, the procedure is terminated and the next 30 minutes, do not talk.If inhalation is carried out in the winter, then in any case does not go cold.
also good at helping and Russian sauna, it should be visited at least once a week.In no case do not try to replace it with a sauna, it will not bring any benefit to the lungs.It is necessary Russian steam bath with birch twigs, to which is added any herb has expectorant properties.After the bath you sit a little extra time in the dressing room, because you can not supercool.
Oddly, but in this issue good help certain foods.If you eat garlic and onions, the body much faster to get rid of pent-up venom.However, raw garlic or onions not everyone will have to taste, so chop the onions and sprinkle with sugar on top, and when it begins to stand out juice, then the bow ready for use.Receiving (syrup, but not the milled onion) for 1 hour. L.after every meal for a week.
also is very good butter, eat it every day on an empty stomach and washed down with a warm drink.Eat to be a small piece, this method also helps to strengthen the stomach.
But most importantly, it will never come back to addiction, otherwise all your efforts will go to waste!