Foot Sprain

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016
This trouble can happen to anyone and at any time of the year, but still there is a greater risk of sprain, if you prefer open shoes or in winter on icy platforms and stairs.
These same effects can lead sports injuries, sprains can happen even if you jump from low altitude.By stretching meant ligament rupture, which occurs as a consequence of podvertyvaniya foot.According to the severity of stretch can be divided into three stages:
first stage stretching. This is a mild form of injury, while her man tucked the foot will feel a slight pain, but the place itself stretching may not even have puffiness.But despite the mild form of stretching, you should keep pace for a while and step carefully.It is important that bunch began to heal properly, this will not be superfluous to visit a doctor.
But when moderate sufferer will experience severe pain and swelling on his foot will be well expressed.If you try to move my foot, then immediately begin to feel a sharp pain, a patient at this stage of str
etching is temporarily unable to work, and he certainly should see a doctor.
third stage stretching is the most pronounced, with her man feels distinctly pain and leg badly swollen.If the healing of the damaged ligament goes wrong, then may move the joint, for this reason, the treatment must be monitored by a qualified physician.
Even if you only glimpse the idea that the joint could deform, then immediately seek medical attention.It would be much better if you make a mistake, what if you do not accept the necessary measures in time.
Sprain refers to serious problems in medicine, so it is important to know and be able to provide appropriate assistance before seeking medical attention.The first thing you should do if there was tension, because it is the place to make a cold stretch (ice).The injured limb is necessary to fix, but it is important not to disturb the process of circulation.If damaged ankle fixation is performed at an angle of 45 degrees.Ice Keep standing on the spot elongation, it is applied periodically for 20 minutes.After 48 hours, the use of cold and did not allowed.
On the second day since the stretch and did not allow the cooling of the limb.Trying to warm the foot, it can be used for warm baths.Also good warming heparin ointment if they feel a strong pain, then it is removed painkillers.But before you start taking these drugs should always consult with a physician.At night, the pain may increase, then use Novocain (it is diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 3), moisten the gauze in this solution is applied to the affected area.Try to keep the pace at a higher level, if after 2-3 days the general condition does not improve, you should contact the surgeon.
In order to accurately diagnose doctor may prescribe an MRI, CT and X-ray inspection in addition to the surface.As the heat treatment prescribed attachment to the place of tension, UHF, electrophoresis, muscle massage, physiotherapy, wearing an ankle lock, when damaged joint use tight bandaging.For the treatment of pain using an injection of anesthetic, in the worst case, can not do without surgery.
If stretching is not very serious, the condition of the working-age victim to return ten days later.