How to strengthen the gums?

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016
signs of gum disease are appearing plaque, bleeding gums, tooth loss or loosening.To avoid all of this should be engaged in strengthening the gums, but if you already took such trouble as gum disease, you can not do without strengthening them.
For this purpose, you will need: salt, cognac, eggplant skin and drug charges (suitable oak bark with fake flowers).
course, be sure to visit the dentist that will help you in solving this problem.
If you have periodontal disease, you can not do without professional treatment.If the disease is in the early stages, then the doctor will clear the plaque first, and then to process the oral cavity with special medical means.If the disease is in the middle stage, the doctor will be forced to resort to a partial cleaning of gum pockets.At the most advanced stage of the disease is usually resorted to curettage (cutting of the gums is adjacent to the tooth).
with periodontitis process of strengthening the gums is largely in the strengthening of patients w
ith gum, and in the treatment of the causes of the disease.Usually this disease cardiovascular and endocrine systems.The treatment procedure involves massaging gums as well as coating the solutions and ointments are designed to strengthen the structure of the gum.
also to strengthen the gums and can use folk remedies :
- It is necessary to dry the peel eggplant in the oven and then crushed.Take 1 dessert spoon of this powder and pour 1 cup boiling water.Give some time to infuse, then add the broth to about 1 hour. L.salt.The mouth rinse at least twice during the day.
- You can use brandy, they rinse their mouths for a minute or longer.It contains a variety of tannins, which are well disinfect the mouth and promote normal blood flow.
- Well to eating carrots, garlic, apples, sauerkraut, raw potatoes (one tuber per day).
- to massage the gums with a toothbrush with soft bristles.
- Rinse your mouth with drug collection of oak and linden blossom.
- Do not forget to twice a day brush your teeth.
- Visit your dentist regularly, even for a simple checkup!