How to treat udder bitch?

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016
this extremely unpleasant disease popularly dubbed "suchim udder" due to the fact that at the site of the disease are the numerous boils.Typically, the disease manifests itself in the armpits.From a medical point of view hydradenitis is nothing like a purulent inflammation of the sweat glands in the human body.Typically, the disease manifests itself in the armpits, but it can also occur in other places, where the sweat glands (in the scrotum, armpits, groin folds).The direct perpetrators of the appearance of this disease are bacteria: Staphylococcus and Streptococcus spp.The disease arises as a consequence of weakening of immunity, excessive sweating, hypothermia and bacteria by making cuts.The course of treatment is 10-15 days, in extreme cases resort to surgery to remove the abscesses.
The disease may occur as a man and a woman.The median age at which the disease manifests itself in a range of 30-40 years.The disease is more common in women than in men.When hydradenitis disturbed outflow secretion
of sweat glands, causing them to become clogged and start to become inflamed.The external sign of the disease are painful nodules located under the skin, with a diameter of 3 cm. Gradually, they become bigger and change its color to purple-bluish, while the pain is throbbing, and may be accompanied by fever.
to distinguish three stages of the course of the disease.This is a manifestation of the inflammatory process (so-called infiltrative stage), then the process of festering chirya and last stage is the mature abscess.As soon as the first symptoms of the disease, immediately begin treatment.At the first stage portion of diseased treated with disinfectant and apply special packs (containing drugs Dimexidum).If the disease has reached the second stage, then the wound-healing, antiseptic ointment, for example, is well suited Vishnevsky ointment.But if in spite of all your efforts will go into the final disease stage, no surgery can not do.Do not even try to remove all the pus yourself, this requires appropriate tools and experience.If after removing the abscess after a while again showing signs of the disease, the treatment itself is carried out at the same time against the "udder of bitch" and strengthen immunity.
The disease can be treated and traditional methods.
Traditional medicine has gained a lot of useful recipes to combat the disease.For example, a good help to cope with it echinacea tincture.Her take three times a day 30 drops, it can also be used for poultices.Good compresses are obtained from various concoctions of herbs.One of the best is considered compresses made from egg yolks, flour with lard and honey, a great compress relieves itching and reduces inflammation.With the same purpose, make a cake made of flour, honey and propolis in a water bath, if a cake is applied to the affected area for a few nights in a row, the disease very quickly come to naught.
always better to prevent disease than to fight its manifestations.As preventive measures recommended: possible not to wear tight clothes made of synthetic fabric, no makeup irritating to sensitive areas.But if the disease is still there and continues to progress, then your best bet is to consult a specialist.