How to get rid of the goose bumps?

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016
dermatologic manifestation of this is a fairly common problem, and it looks like a "goose bumps," for which he received this title.The reasons that may manifest rashes are internal and external.The external stimuli include cold, in such a state a man in her arms appears goose bumps, and more rarely on the face and other parts of the body.
appears this problem is due to a lack of ascorbic acid in the body and vitamin A. Even at the slightest irritation skin begins to thicken considerably and there is a "goose bumps."
Thus skin reacts not only to the cold, to the same skin condition can cause feelings of fear, excitement, even joy.Many people with this problem, the skin becomes so as a result of reaction to any sound, such as the gnashing of teeth of the fabric or the sharp creak.
This is understandable from the point of view of science, the state.Goosebumps is nothing more than a manifestation of the reflex reaction to danger.Such a reaction is present in many species of animals and birds.For e
xample chickens if they sense danger ruffles feathers, domestic cats and dogs raise their hair stand on end at the slightest risk.So from a biological point of view, it is simply a defensive reaction.
How to get rid of the goose bumps?
solve the problem of the appearance of goose skin is not as easy as many other dermatological problems.This can be done in specialized beauty salons, but for that you have to undergo a course of treatment.
most popular and effective is peeling fruit acids.In performing this procedure, the skin becomes saturated with vitamin C, whereby it becomes softer and smoother.Also in this matter well help the salt and ultrasonic peeling.
worth conduct a comprehensive treatment, because, in addition to peeling, it is necessary to do and seaweed wraps and honey.And, of course, need to resolve the problem, for this take vitamin A and ascorbic acid.
House can use sisal mitt and massage the skin, which helps eliminate the goosebumps.