A pinched nerve in the neck

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016

We all know the "wonderful" feeling when you can not turn his neck as if the chains with spikes dug there.Well, or pain when you turn your head to the left or right can be.This nagging and nagging pain that does not give us rest, not when we just sit or sleep, or when talking with someone.Especially frustrating when it still aggravates the cold and fatigue.What we think in such cases?"Purged", "stretched" in a draft sat.Plastered warming ointment twice a day, and that's the end of the week, and all passed.And we have successfully forgotten about the disease to the next complications.

Few among us aware of it, or even know, but this is a very common problem is quite dangerous.And the initial signs of a progressive, well, or have upcoming osteoarthritis.But everything is not because we are "cold" neck, but because we had a pinched nerve in the neck of our already long-suffering backbone.The neck is a lot of nerves and blood vessels that result in any injuries, absolutely imperceptible, but quite heavy f

or the cervical spine can cause a pinched nerve.

Typically, such injuries are widespread, such as sitting in some rather awkward position, or any, was made during sleep, or sudden movement in any direction that may cause injury to the nerves.

Naturally, with such a disease should immediately contact the appropriate specialist who assigns the appropriate treatment.

Treatment is prescribed depending on the nature of pain, as well as their value.

For people with strong, sharp pains prescribe medication, which contributes to their relief: injections, tablets and various ointments warming and cooling effect.Also assigned different vasodilators, which improves blood circulation.

For patients with more calm pain and symptoms appointed physiotherapy treatments such as radiotherapy, therapeutic massage of the cervical and spine, acupuncture, chiropractic, and others.These procedures can alleviate and eliminate muscle spasms around zaschemlёnnogo nerve.

However, that is an integral part of the treatment - a recording of Shea special bandage that holds the neck in a virtually immobile, which itself facilitates the movement and sleep.