Kalanchoe from the common cold

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016

Poholodalo outside, or vice versa, overheated in the sun, the nasal mucosa signals to us about what happened in the body fails.Almost everyone at least once faced with the problem of inflammation of the nasal mucosa, or in a simple - a runny nose.

not necessary to think that if he started, then it is a serious disease.At the same time, it is impossible not to listen rhinitis as dangerous to neglect serious consequences: the infection of the mucous nasal drops below (the bronchi, lungs), causing inflammation there.It is proved that it is not necessary to run cold.When self-treatment, we try not to resort to the official scientific advice.We believe that the time to initiation of treatment will necessarily lead to recovery.In the early symptoms of inflammation of the nasopharynx, is to minimize activity and a longer stay in the resting stage.

modern pharmacy chain offers a large variety of funds from the common cold, rhinitis, pharyngitis ... may be effective home remedies green pharmacy, which grow on

the windowsill.We talk about the wonderful, amazing properties with flower - Kalanchoe.Its fleshy leaves contain healthful juice that lubricates the inner surface of the nose.Also, it effectively and dig in - causes severe sneezing (if flower - adult plant), thus naturally clears the sinuses.Freshly squeezed juice you want to use and do not leave it in reserve, or lost curative.The optimum amount - half a pipette (Soviet) in each nostril, several times a day.Should definitely prochihatsya morning to night went stagnant.Since nasal mucosa healthy appearance acquire much faster.

sources can offer many recipes use this miracle plant.Kalanchoe mixed juice with aloe in equal proportions, stir thoroughly, then mixed this afternoon dripped into the nose - not only to cure a cold, but also enhance the immune system as a whole.Extract from the aloe - a strong supplement for strengthening immunity.People experimental medicine prepared another recipe: mix the juice of Kalanchoe, juice of one small onion (first ground on a grater or blender, then through the light cotton fabric Juice) - 2h: 1h - thoroughly shaken.This mash is introduced into the nose three times during the day.Remember that, despite all the healing properties, onion juice can cause allergies.

to action Kalanchoe softness (required for children in the treatment of clogged nozzles), it is boiled.The resulting broth is used as the juice of Kalanchoe, which is buried in the small nose three times during the day.Some doctors use a mixture of juice of this flower and honey.Colds can easily leave the body with regular drinking this decoction: lemon balm, St. John's wort and the juice of such a useful flower - Kalanchoe.