Coffee raises or lowers the pressure?

By Admin | Health Recipes
17 May 2016

Few of us wondered "whether the harmful for the body of coffee and how it affects the pressure," as long as the health problems do not encourage us to think seriously about it.Many are accustomed every day to drink a few cups of coffee, even without thinking what the consequences may be in the future.

Recent research on the subject found that coffee does not increase blood pressure, and causes only more frequent pulse beat.But though this fact has been established by scientists, trust him explicitly not worth it, because often cases when scientists colleagues soon refute the views of their own colleagues.

Each person is different, and put everyone under a single criterion should not be.The effect of coffee on our health can only speak in general terms and not specifically stating any fact.

healthy person important to not abuse this drink, then no problems with health is simply not there.The composition of the raw coffee is comprised of numerous components, including fats, proteins and carbohydrates,

but the effect which gives the product is directly related to caffeine.That it stimulates the memory and spirits, for which coffee and is in great demand.

If a person does not have an addiction to coffee, one drunk in the morning cup of coffee significantly speeds up the brain and quickly relieves drowsiness.But if you live specimen regularly uses this drink, then he produced a definite relationship and, after drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, do not expect a positive effect.In the dependent person has a headache, irritation, drowsiness and even nausea.

for people suffering from low blood pressure coffee can be recommended for medicinal purposes, but should strictly comply with the measure.In addition to high blood pressure, drinking coffee may lead to the active secretion of gastric juice and irritation of the stomach wall, reducing this negative effect by adding to coffee a little milk.People who have an ulcer or gastritis, from drinking coffee is better to abstain.

hypertensive patients who regularly drink a couple of cups of coffee during the day, afraid of pressure increase is not necessary.But for those who drink only occasionally, there is indeed a certain risk of a sharp rise in pressure.

And a couple of words on the coffee.Always necessary to choose only natural drink, because it is much more useful than the soluble coffee.In such a drink, only 15% of the total composition of the coffee - everything else is artificial additives, which cause the most serious damage to the human body!