How to deduce nits?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 May 2016

such diseases as pediculosis, it would seem, in our time, with a rapidly growing medicine has to disappear completely, and you can forget about it.But there it was - even today, especially when visiting places with large concentrations of people, a high probability of acquisition of "neighbors" - nasty, biting and prolific.Head lice deliver a lot of trouble to man, causing constant itching scalp and severely affecting the overall well-being.

How to get rid of the nits, depending on their type

Today, there are several basic types of lice: head, pubic and wardrobes.

How to withdraw their nits?Qualitatively get rid of these parasites can only be correctly picking approach to this cosmetic problem and effective medicines.For example, upon detection of nits on the hair should immediately undertake a special comb with frequent teeth and intensively comb the parasites start to the prepared paper or directly into the bath.It is recommended to use in the process of combing and even hair conditioner - it wil

l greatly facilitate the process (especially if the hair is long).

In the same case, if the nits were a boy, it is easier to shave hair shaved.It is easier for him and painlessly than apply special preparations and comb with larvae of the baby's head.Also, no one has canceled, and drugs - them today there are so many, so you can safely pick any means, depending on the type of parasite, the person's age and length of hair.

Traditional medicine: an effective tool in the fight with nits.

Getting rid of nits knows and traditional medicine.If previously used to do this Dustov soap (not yet discovered that the dust is dangerous even for a man), but now you can just dye your hair by means of hydrogen peroxide.She copes with parasite killing them.

With nits must be fought by all means, be it traditional or folk medicine.The emergence of lice and nits - not the best condition, and a shame, because the constant scratching their heads in public very much.With many years of experience gained in folk medicine, as well as the weight of unique characteristics of therapeutic drugs, pest control is very effective and, most importantly, quickly and quietly.Today, the struggle with the "bugs" started high enough and a new level is very high quality.