Itchy palms

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16 May 2016

palm Sometimes remind us of folk superstitions: left itching to profit, and the right - to the long-awaited meeting.If this state of itch irritates you, you should review the following information.

nature and causes of a person itching palms should be clear to him that it was possible to resolve this issue.

«The skin itches" - we say, when there is unpleasant skin sensations - causing constant desire to scratch his nails a certain area of ​​the skin, sometimes bringing it to lacerations.At the same time scratching the skin is chronic or acute, Generalized or local.As a result of frequent scratching occur inflammation of the skin redness, suppuration (after all, this place is damaged and there can easily penetrate the infection).Most often itchy palms, as this area is the most convenient for injury and the emergence of microcracks are pathways of microorganisms that cause infection.

describe some causes of itching.

humoral and neuro-reflex reactions, cascading as a result give the itching.A variety

of factors could cause its appearance.Here are the most common (with local character itching) skin is often dry (senile pruritus);the top layer of the skin struck infection;allergy caused by exposure to certain (inappropriate food: pork, dishes with relish, sausage, mushrooms, the body does not take certain medications: antibiotics, iron preparations, sulfonamides, vitamins ...);thermal reaction of the body (itch can be heat and cold) after a sting of some insect, touching plants (eg nettle);Child itching, usually preceded by a rash on the skin;defeat the parasite can also cause itching in the scalp, anal ... (consequences of prostatitis, helminthic infestation, hemorrhoids).When generalized itching surprising if at the same time will be itching palms, feet, legs and other body parts.

list the causes of such an itch: malfunction of the liver, which lead to diseases: hepatitis, rejection of the pancreas (diabetes), jaundice, hyperbilirubinemia;poorly functioning endocrine system;constant stress;specific scabies in pregnant women (especially in the last stages);itching that comes with the natural aging of the organism;allergic reaction to perfumes, deviations in terms of the blood (lymphoma, leukemia), malignant tumors, ichthyosis (its varieties (dermatoxerasia), which are characterized by dryness and roughness of the skin to form flakes - is more common on the legs and buttocks);various manifestations of mental disorders - dientsefalezy, neuroses, manic-depressive psychosis.Problems with kidneys and biliary cirrhosis may well cause itchy palms and soles.As you can see, the nature of the appearance of these symptoms is so diverse that if they appear to be required to visit a doctor who is professional approach to solving this problem by finding out its true causes.

Itchy skin can be treated as follows.

Itching - is not an independent disease, but a symptom of its manifestations.Therefore, only carefully examined by visiting a medical professional, you can get competent treatment, chosen individually.To mitigate the itching, you can use the following measures:

  • douche;wrap a wet towel compresses superimposition.Cold positively affects the unpleasant itching.It should be understood that the allergic skin diseases do not like moisture for a long time;
  • lotions camphor and menthol.They can soothe and cool the surface of the skin with the help of anesthetic action;
  • come to the aid of ointments, creams with antihistamine properties;
  • physical overload, the sun's rays, the direct thermal effects - contraindications for the treatment;
  • preference should be given natural loose clothing that does not fit tightly to the skin (especially when the palm of your hand with your feet itch constantly).

As a preventive measure at this problem, you can use folk remedies: gerbil, ointment on the basis of calendula flowers, rub oil on the basis of almond and avocado in the skin, the juice from the indoor flower aloe soothes itching.

If the cause of itching is in the psycho-emotional state, accompanied by nervous breakdowns, stress (so characterized the modern world), it is necessary to take anti-anxiety drugs (by the way, valerian acts on the funded scheme).The gloves also may cause itching palms.Try temporarily to do without them.