Numb hands at night

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16 May 2016

often during sleep, we can feel how numb fingers, brush.Blood vessels and nerves at squeezing may issue a physiological picture.

Inconvenient posture during sleep can cause numbness, limb astringency.In this case, most likely, you're crushed arm and body, rubbing it, immediately get rid of the unpleasant sensations.If the numbness passed into the chronic form (which happens quite frequently), you should be examined with a mandatory visit to the doctor.

How is numbness of the hands or while relaxing night's sleep? first appears tingling in the fingertips, hands.As if the "creepy" ran in the skin.These symptoms appear spontaneously, as they say specialists paresthesia.

numb hands can not only at night, but for many reasons: the spine problem, a sharp compression of (narrowing) of the blood vessels of the neck.Distinguish the specific position of the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome).

By the nature of numbness may also be different.His manifestation can occur both day and night, for different durations

(short and long), touch one or two hands.Finally, the current cause numbness diagnoses Specialist, analyzing common symptoms, and after appropriate treatment.

Cervical osteochondrosis can cause numbness in the limbs, not only at night but also headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, vision loss, deterioration of the general state of health.The importance of the cervical vertebra speaks for itself, as it are responsible for the life of the centers.

osteochondrosis dangerous metabolic disturbances in bone, cartilage, not only of the spine, resulting in the destruction of the vertebrae and compression of the spinal nerves.Cervical osteochondrosis is responsible for the compression of nerve endings that are responsible for the function of the hands and neck.This explains the numbness of the hands at night.

busy Wrong posture during prolonged work at the computer - the basis of occurrence of cervical degenerative disc disease.In this case, the spine and the area of ​​the neck muscles at the back of suffering from prolonged static loads, which rezudtate spazmiruyutsya strained muscles, which in turn compresses the nerves, which are located nearby.The result - a numbness of the hands day and night.Time of day does not have much effect on this disease.

Serious medical treatment requires the patient with vascular disorders that cause numbness of one hand, for example, accompanied by high blood pressure.These symptoms are characteristic of ischemic stroke (disturbance of blood circulation (stasis) in a certain limited space of the brain).This problem can be triggered by a stressful situation.Only serious treatment will help such a patient.

Some professionals may have carpal tunnel syndrome, it arises as a consequence of prolonged stress on the hand (tendon), which swells, resulting in compression of adjacent tissue and nerves.Repeating the same hand movements because of their professional duties (seen in musicians, athletes, laborers specialization) can cause this syndrome.It will help prevention, namely different procedures: exercise, baths, massage with vegetable-based ointments to relieve muscle tension, the adoption of the B vitamins, maintaining a diet designed especially for the occasion.

To avoid these problems, as a prophylactic measure, it is necessary every six months to pass the course of massage, in order to avoid stagnation.Charging the tension of muscles, vertebrae - an excellent remedy for a lack of energy and symptoms.For those who do not like exercise, come up with a swimming pool.Swimming not only strengthens the muscles of the back, but also brings the total pleasure!