What can I eat after poisoning?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 May 2016

modern ecology can not boast of its cleanliness and food - quality.Therefore, progressive diseases among the twenty-first century, one of the highest take - poisoning.Adults or children - no matter who gets this syndrome.Eating almost any product can cause poisoning - a failure function of the digestive tract.To poison, a person chooses their own menu, the mode of eating.Despite vseosoznannost this process will give some tips to help normalize exhaustion damaged body.

variety of chemicals surrounding us everywhere today, are often the cause of poisoning, allergic reactions.Such poisoning, with serious consequences and problems require urgent intervention of a specialist - a doctor.

poisoning causes the body to spend all their forces to the elimination of toxins and the reduction process.How to choose the best food after the event, because the body needs a sufficient amount of energy.Needless to digest food components takes strength and energy.As a consequence, the conclusion about the need for high-q

uality digestible food on the menu of the victim.In other words - a sparing diet.Let's see how to organize their food after the unpleasant poisoning.

during intoxication (poisoning does not pass without a trace) body fights with alien organisms, cleaned and, accordingly, there is no way to eat at this moment.Simultaneously dehydration as a result of diarrhea, vomiting, and other disorders.Therefore, at the same time the patient should drink plenty of fluids, preferably salted ("rehydron" - a great powder, diluted with cold boiled water - recommended when such symptoms).After a complete cleansing of the stomach, retching termination, the patient can drink with pleasure Kripen'ka black tea with only one small spoon of sugar and bread, which is a bit stale.Later, suitable for drinking soup secondary, cooked a chicken.There is no rigid recommendations when choosing cereals, which the patient will have.He chooses any which like.The main thing that it was a decoction of water (semolina, rice, buckwheat).Preferred liquid rice porridge - coats the stomach.Mashed potato liquid consistency, without the addition of milk and butter can also be included in the menu of the patient.The main thing to remember - the amount of food consumed.Portions should not exceed 1.5 ladle.Better - more often but less.

What to cook the next day after such a case?It is a day of light dietary diversity: includes a small amount of meat in the form of meatballs (steamed), chicken cooked white meat;add soups.The main requirement for nutrition - legkousvaivaemost therefore lean meal - the most suitable.Congee dishes most often used for various poisoning, as it has a positive effect on the stomach.Probiotics - the necessary drugs, reducing the intestinal microflora, the entire digestive tract.They also need to be taken during the poisoning.

first week after the poisoning is a specially selected diet for the establishment of the digestive system.Vegetable soup, soups, various sparse enveloping porridge - the main components of the diet this week.The global shortage of amino acids the body after poisoning dictates to include in the diet of mashed peas or beans, as beans - easily digestible foods with a high content of vegetable protein.Sea (enriched with iodine) or pickled (a lot of vitamin C) cabbage, boiled lean meat or lean fish for a couple become a wonderful addition to this puree.Meals can enrich almost any pickled or boiled vegetables.Baked Apples - very tasty and healthy for the liver dessert.

for speedy full recovery of the body, which can not last less than two weeks, no harm will be limiting the amount of meat in the diet.Eat slowly, and it can be low-fat varieties (turkey, veal) in boiled form.

juices, drinks with gas, conservation, coffee, meats, chocolate, spicy and salty foods and fried - unacceptable for various food poisoning.Of dairy products in the first couple of days, too, should be forgotten.Vegetables, fruits, raw too, do not eat right now.

Diet during the normalization functions of the digestive tract after the poisoning should be special.Overeating is inappropriate here.Strict restrictions meals granularity supply (5-8 receptions a day) - the basics of recovery from this disease.Normal food comes after complete recovery of the gastrointestinal tract.

As a preventive measure, always pay attention to the date of the final consumption of the products, their composition, the manufacturer (the certification)!