What to do when you get burned with boiling water?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 May 2016

It will focus on the burns, because no one will be able to protect yourself from this unpleasant incident of life.

The schools are now required to study became the subject of safety.It details the students are studying possible actions aimed at providing emergency assistance during emergencies.And how well we learn in school?After the incident happened, we regret to remember about the lack of this knowledge, we begin to catch up.Living in a home rich and surprising.Unfortunately - not only pleasant moments.Often there are situations when a rapid response is properly rendered assistance to the victim, not only can save the appearance, health, and life.Scald with boiling water easy.What should I do in this situation?If a ridiculous accident turned out quite extensive burns, urgent need to call an ambulance.To her arrival the patient must administer first aid.The more professional it will be, the easier and quicker the victim recover.

first step in helping the victim, stop the impact factor, damaging pr

operties.Rough handling of hot water, hot food, other hot liquids may cause burns.Under these circumstances, immediately removes contact with a hot object, remove (cut) adhering clothes and poured cold water on the burn areas.

First things first part of the body that is prone to burn, it is necessary to cool down.For this purpose, it blows, which is applied a cold (ice in the package) is dipped into water of low temperature.

These activities are aimed at reducing the pain and to reduce the depth of the lesion site.The depth and extensive burns dictate the duration of the cold contact with the wound site - 3-20 minutes.Too long cooling burnt area may contribute to vasospasm and subsequent disruption of blood circulation in it.The effect of this procedure will be felt only in the first two hours after the incident.

Then you should adequately numb the affected area.At the expense of pain medication tell any certified pharmacist pharmacy nearby.In the absence of such, you can use the contents of the medicine chest - you can use any anesthetic drug.After the wound is to dry (wet it can be a sterile cloth (bandage)), followed by a sterile bandage of material (net fabric).Bubbles are formed at a burn, for what can not be opened (cut, puncture), otherwise it can happen getting infections and spacing throughout the burn surface.Vegetable oils, starchy powder, substances with tanning and cauterizing effect (iodine, alcohol, brilliant green, potassium permanganate, lapis) is not applicable in the treatment of burn wounds, as they can increase the pain and slow healing.First degree burns can be limited to the treatment.

With deep tissue damage resulting from burns refrain from self-medication, that is, do not try to clean the wound from the remnants of his own clothes, and possible contamination, do not open the bubbles (even heavily sulkily).Only the bandage of dry sterile cotton (linen) materials, then go to the doctor - specialist.With this burn remedies such as ointments - are not appropriate.