Shelled heel

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16 May 2016

can not wear sandals in the summer because of the unsightly heels?It is not possible to visit a specialist chiropodist now scheduled an important meeting, you kompleksuete because of their appearance and well-groomed feet?The information we were prepared to avoid such incidents.

Often, when peeling heels, we feel discomfort.The connivance of the problem leads to a coarsening of the heel and sole of its cracking, sores.This step is carried painful and long.

and look at such "well-groomed" heels do not want to.When such symptoms nylon pantyhose, stockings are disposable clothing, as nylon can not withstand such a rough surface of the legs and eventually let the arrow resists serif (well this is familiar to women).

Rough heels cause a considerable number of these problems.So, it is necessary to overcome this illness in the immediate order.Interactive multiple sources emit advice on these issues, appear on different sites, drifting between them.

only proven ways to eliminate peeling favorite heels are

described here, in addition to information about the futility of certain funds.For starters, look at the reasons of occurrence of symptoms such as flaking heels.Then it will be easier to choose a way to eliminate it.

about four weeks a person needs to update the skin cells: cells from the bottom, moving up, forced to wither away the top layer of the epidermis, the skin will peel separated.The withering away of the upper layer is transparent to our eyes.Regular taking baths and shower helps facilitate this process.This is a description of an ideal process.The result is all in the opposite direction.Do not exfoliate the skin over time, the heel ogrubevaet, compacted, forming a layer of chapped mass, which then becomes the only thicker.Rudeness leather heels so strong that the appearance of temporary flaking quickly terminated, preventing the processes of cell activity to date.In order to avoid undesirable consequences we have to own (and this process is long) to get rid of calluses, corns and peeling.

very gross mistake many women is to purchase an iron grating for cleaning your favorite heels.When the above-mentioned problems of this device will not help, but only worsen the situation, raskovyrivaya, loosening and lifting the heel rough patches of skin, which leads to flaking heels more, intensive degree.Heel become a thorn.We wish to improve and get back the response.

smoothness heels give no disintegrant (steel float) and accessories for sanding special float sticks, which people called pumice, plastic device, which is attached a convenient form of fine grain sandpaper.Fine-grained float is mandatory.And it will be of great benefit if it is applied on a dry heel, not after foot steam, as you did before.At the end of the procedure richly nourishing cream smeared foot, wear warm socks (or specially selected for the event), go to these two o'clock (optional), then wash off the cream with water and wipe dry with a towel feet.

believed that a cream with moisturizing effect will be enough to eliminate flaking heels, but one word - no.Skin that is not peeled, long time layering and horny, he cream alone will not remove, but only in the simultaneous application of special scrubs and pumice fine.

Special heel scrub spa is quite possible to cook at home, with fast, convenient, and always straight from the tin.Here are its components: + teaspoon salt teaspoon soda + four teaspoons thick shampoo.Carefully mixed up these components, massing about ten minutes, cover the heel obtained composition for five minutes.After that, rinse with warm water feet.After the procedure, apply the cream on the heels with sour cream or moisturizing product, dress warm socks, go to them about two hours after the wash off and wiped his feet dry with a towel.

reappearance peeling heels signals the need for a repetition of at least one of the above procedures.

so you like the result - gladenkie heels, so you will want to take advantage of our tips again.

soft and smooth your heels!