The lump on his elbow

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16 May 2016

Aching elbow?At the same time you feel for a lump?

His appearance bump may be required to various circumstances.Injury, trauma, shock can trigger its occurrence.

Violation of metabolic processes in the body, an allergy, an infection can also become a provocateur, although less frequently.

Medical professionals have given this disease name - elbow bursitis.Often, experts say that this disease is accompanied by some professions where your elbows are constantly in contact with the solid surface.So, for example, the driver is constantly elbow rests on the handle on the door of the car.For athletes, this disease is also not new.

tuberculosis, gout, gonorrhea can also denote this symptom - elbow bursitis.Therefore, only a qualified doctor can give advice on the matter.The delay of treatment, wrong diagnosis and, consequently, incorrect treatment can be complicated disabilities in the future.Arthritis symptoms in their power to distort the picture of the disease for the ignorant man.This proves once again

the need to see a doctor for help.

First of all, experts have found the cause of bursitis in the patient.Early diagnosis - already secured half of the success.It is always better to get rid of small - local treatment than the tightening process to get surgery.

With elbow bursitis, except for swelling and redness of the round shape in the area of ​​the joint can occur fever, palpable palpation.

elbow bursitis may be chronic or acute.In the period of acute bursitis feeling the patient complains of severe pain.And if there is still pus, the pain is characterized by force and harshness (say: "it is impossible to touch").In chronic course of the disease in the elbow joint can be felt smooth swelling, resembling a scar, resulting in the patient feels a little dull pain.

bursitis acute patient doctor recommends rest.In this case, the elbow, namely in the field of cones, impose dense bandage compresses to warm (not recommended in the presence of purulent bursitis).Fixing bandages - an indispensable element in the treatment.

If bursitis received after the injury, the doctor anaesthetises ledokain affected area and to introduce the drug - hydrocortisone.The course of treatment is five shots (the number determined by the attending physician).This procedure should only be done in a medical facility in order to avoid infection.

bursitis chronic nature of inflammatory exudate must be removed from the cavity, then wash it with antiseptic, antibiotic-treated.

punctures are applied in the presence of pus in the middle bursitnoy bumps.If these events have shown the ineffectiveness of the method, the surgeon opening the bag, removes pus formation.

Only a specialist (in this case - a surgeon) can remove shishkoobraznuyu swelling by extirpation.

removal of the bumps is an important element in the effectiveness of treatment for bursitis.In the absence of pus in the middle of a physiotherapist appoints thermal procedures such as UHF, dry heat.

additional effective tool in the treatment of this disease may include: X-ray and radiation therapy.With their help, relieves pain, restores the damaged tissue, reduces inflammation in the joint.

If the cause of bursitis steel tuberculosis or gonorrhea, its treatment is possible only when curing major diseases.

Traditional medicine also offers the treatment for this disease: hardening (when cold with heat applied alternately) lotions from broth of herbs (Malavit approach - a great tool - extract from herbs and roots of the Altai Territory).Before a home self-treatment of bursitis should refer to a specialist for expert advice.