Boats zucchini with minced meat

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
05 June 2016

dish called "Zucchini Boats" attracts not only for its excellent taste, but also the ease and simplicity of preparation.The filling for these boats can be very different in this respect hostesses can give free rein to their imagination.The huge popularity of the boats have zucchini filled with minced meat.About all the intricacies of cooking this dish today and we'll talk.

First of all, we must prepare the ground meat, which we need to 300 g To do this, washed and excess fluid from the obsushennye pieces of pork and onion, pre-cut into quarters, mince.The minced meat hammer egg and add soaked in milk and mashed hands loaf slices (2-3 pieces).The bread will make minced meat tender and soft.Do not forget all the salt and a little pepper.Ready stuffing lightly fry in a pan.Let our meat products and will pay the rest of the time, ingredients.

Also, we need 2 zucchini.It is best to take the young vegetables with fine sandpaper and without seeds, then our meal will taste even better.Courgettes wash and wip

e the waffle towel, then cut each vegetable along, getting the so-called boat.Zucchini halves must be freed from the pulp.This can be done with a knife or a dessert spoon.Exemptions Pumpkin weight throw is not necessary, it can chop and add to ground beef.

Grease pumps zucchini inside a small amount of sunflower oil and arms that has been soaked in cold water, fill the space within the vegetable prepared with minced meat.

tomatoes (2 pcs.) To wash, dry and sharp knife to cut them into circles that are slightly prisolit.Hard cheese (50 g) grate.

Take the pan and carpeted it with parchment paper.In her place the stuffed zucchini boats, and put the top layer of tomato slices on each.On 20 minutes to send the dish in a spiritual closet with temperature control 180 ° C, after which get baking, sprinkle with cheese and pumps continue the cooking for another 5-7 minutes, until the cheese is completely melted.

Serve hot or warm form.As a garnish to it is perfect boiled new potatoes in cream sauce, sprinkled with chopped fresh dill.Bon Appetit!