Eggplant in olive oil

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
05 June 2016

I wish that our diet contains not only delicious, but also useful.The benefits of vegetables is not required to tell anyone, it's a well known fact, so that any hostess has in its stock a lot of interesting recipes, allowing to cook different vegetables, healthy and delicious.

can make a very tasty appetizer and eggplant.Here, too, invented a variety of options for cooking.

eggplant, marinated with olive oil

Food composition:

  • kilogram eggplants;
  • salt;
  • teaspoon dried oregano;
  • 60 ml of apple (you can use wine) vinegar;
  • trick one red hot pepper;
  • four cloves of garlic;
  • olive oil.

Course of preparation:

  1. First you have to wash the eggplant, split into pieces (do not clean the skins!).After the pieces have to be placed on the half hour in salt vodichku to get rid of the bitterness.When will the allotted time, the water should be drained, and move the eggplant in a colander, that all excess moisture to drain.
  2. Now eggplant slices have to put on a baking sheet, greased, put it in the oven
    and bake the vegetables until soft state.
  3. Ready eggplant piled in a bowl.
  4. Now you have to prepare your filling.Pepper remove seeds, peel the garlic.Then shred burning pepper, herbs and garlic.All this mixture is added to baked eggplant.
  5. then poured into a dish vinegar, salt, pour dried oregano (if you decide to use fresh, it's enough to put a few sprigs), stir.Be sure to try the mixture on the salt, if your taste it will miss the podsolite some more.
  6. Spread the prepared vegetables in sterile containers, tightly stacking them in slices of eggplant.
  7. Olive oil with vegetables fill the jar to the top.The oil should be at room temperature.Banks rolls and put in the refrigerator for a month.Then you can safely get the eggplant and serve as a very tasty treat to many dishes.

You can use the recipe for cooking the eggplant in olive oil, which belongs to the Italian cuisine.It eggplant not undergo any heat treatment, thereby maintaining their useful qualities in full.

eggplant with oregano in olive oil


  • kilogram eggplants;
  • 250 g coarse salt;
  • four cloves of garlic;
  • 600 ml white wine vinegar 6%;
  • oregano to taste;
  • olive oil;
  • red hot pepper.

Course of preparation:

  1. Washed eggplant cut into thin slices, put them in a bowl and mix with the salt.
  2. Then put eggplant in a colander.In a large bowl put upside down a small pan, put it on a colander with eggplant.Giving them a plate, which is required to be put a heavy load (you can take a quart jar filled with water).
  3. Leave the eggplant in this state for 12 hours.During this time of vegetables drained almost all the liquid.
  4. Then hands out slices of eggplant and squeeze out the remaining moisture to put them in a clean bowl.Pour vinegar there to provide them with the eggplant fully covered.Put them in a couple of hours.
  5. The bank net folded chopped garlic, a little red pepper burning, oregano.Mix it well with a spoon.
  6. Squeeze now the eggplant from the vinegar and put them in a jar, mix with products located there.Firmly tamp and pour it all with olive oil, so that it is completely closed eggplant.
  7. Add eggplant mixture in the refrigerator, in a month you can get, and start eating.