Toenails turn black

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 May 2016
Darkening toenails, it's not just looks ugly, but also fraught with consequences.
Not everyone knows that in addition to the aesthetic value, the nails can be a mirror image of our health.If the nails are healthy, has a pinkish hue, and smooth to the touch and hard.Appearance and Health polish depend on many factors, including our choice of footwear, nutrition, care for them.
But even keeping perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular care for them does not guarantee that one day they do not turn black!But why can this happen?
The most common cause is the darkening of nails subungual hemorrhage, which can be due to injury or prolonged wearing narrow shoes.Often, such a breach of nails seen in marathon runners who are accustomed to make big runs.Sometimes such consequences resulting swelling of legs in hot weather.
To avoid this it is recommended choosing new shoes, buy one that is half a size more than yours.Socks is better to choose a polyester material that removes excess moisture.Regularly
shear grown nails, and always firmly tighten the laces on shoes.
In that case, if the nails continue to darken, then immediately contact the hospital.
bleeding process can take several months, so if the doctor deems it possible, remove the blood from under the nail.This procedure is painless and is done with a sterile needle, but in any case, you had better give up the tight shoes!
discoloration of the nail can lead one of many fungal diseases, catch this disease is very simple, it can happen in a public pool, bath, sauna.The most dangerous forms of the fungus include: rubromikoz, microspores and favus trihofitii.Depending on the variety of nail fungus can change color from black to dark yellow, and its structure may become loose, which leads to the destruction of nail.
Do not self-medicate with the fungus, only an experienced doctor is able to correctly identify the shape of the fungus and appoint necessary treatment.
no less important to observe preventive precautions.So, when you visit the pool or bath as little as possible go barefoot, wearing only his shoes.Regularly disinfecting cleaning the house spend in the bathroom and shower, and better throughout the apartment.Even at home, try to wear only their shoes and use only their own toiletries.
also the color of the nail can learn about other diseases.For example, the blue nails can indicate circulatory disorders or heart disease.Green shade at the edge of a large nail speaks about the problems associated with digestion, brown tint of the nail indicates an excess of iron in the body.Small yellow spots on the nails indicate a possible disease of the brain, and yellow flecks of impaired lipid metabolism.