Burst blood vessels in the legs

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16 May 2016
bursting of blood vessels in the legs can deliver a real discomfort, but even feeling it, not all consider it necessary to take any action.According to statistics with the problem facing every second person, most often with the women face.
Telangiectasia (vascular grid) is not other than the dilated blood vessels beneath the skin (it may be as veins and arteries).Usually they blue or red, can be of various forms: from the tree and a star to mottled.
burst blood vessels in the legs are a number of reasons:
- The body failed sexual female hormones.
- Disturbed permeability properties of the vessel wall or they are weakened.
- Excessive load on his feet in an upright position them.
- There was a hormonal imbalance in the body (genera cyst abortion, pregnancy, menopause, and so on. D.).
- Frostbite, chemical peels, trauma, too frequent visits to the solarium.
- Varicose veins (the first stage of the disease).
positive side of the problem is this: regardless of the cause of the problem
of equal treatment.The downside is that if you do not eliminate the cause of the problem, the blood vessels may burst again.To permanently solve this problem we recommend visiting several doctors: gynecologist, endocrinologist, and phlebologist.
from burst blood vessels, and can be removed at home, alone.Here are some methods:
- The use of turpentine baths.The first suggested this practice A. p.Zalmanov, he called her kapillyaroterapiey.Through the use of turpentine baths restored and cleaned the entire capillary system of the body, and the expansion of blood vessels takes place.
- there are specially designed for such cases exercise.It should lie on the floor on your back and lift up the hands and feet, they need to be under the angle of 90 degrees.Then you need to start making vibrating movement and his hands and feet, to continue for 5-10 minutes, no more.
Official medicine uses the following methods for the treatment of this disease:
- Mikroskleroterapiya.This method is introduced under the skin of a special solution, which causes the first occlusion of the vessel, and after its resorption in a few weeks.Session this procedure takes from half an hour to one and a half hours.Their amount is determined on an individual basis by the attending physician.
- Laser removal of capillaries.Damaged blood vessels then disappear without a trace method, but may be left other traces: bruises, burns, scars.
- Elos-coagulation.Quite effective method began to be used not long ago.
worth noting that, once removing the vessels burst, no one can give a 100% guarantee that it will not happen again!