Shipitsy on his feet

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 May 2016
Shipitsy on their feet is the same warts that are located on the foot and leg under your thumb.They can deliver a lot of inconvenience while walking, besides one in such a short time, the warts may appear somewhat.This is due to the fact that only conditionally shipitsa relates to warts, but in essence it practically does not like.It is a thread-like papillary growths that under favorable factors are rapidly developing.It should also be noted that although shipitsy and treated, but it is quite a complicated process.
The appearance shipits a foot can cause lowered immunity, cramped and uncomfortable shoes, excessive sweating feet.
shipits Treatment by conventional methods.
Professional surgeons recommend to erase shipits laser, radio frequency scalpel.To surgical methods should also include freezing with liquid nitrogen and electrocoagulation - the use of high-frequency current.
If there is multiple lesions of the foot, it is necessary to carry out the complex treatment.Simultaneously, the
course of local treatment and antiviral treatments.For this approach the drug "Kriofarma."
Traditional methods of struggle.
Go into any pharmacy and buy liquid "Argonika", with the help of shipitsy possible to get rid as soon as possible.This liquid is a concentrate of silver ions, which cope well with such entities.First you need to steam the leg and give it to dry after each shipitsu drip one drop of the concentrate and its stick with plaster.The procedure should be repeated every day, somewhere in the 3-4 procedure shipitsa lag behind the skin, and in her place for some time will be a little groove.
This is another popular method.It is necessary to take leaves of horseradish and grind them to a fine consistency, then they poured the water.After two days in the water necessary to moisten a pair of socks and put them on their feet, on top of cellophane wrap and put on a clean pair of socks.Leave overnight and in the morning, taking off socks, feet should be well washed.
in vinegar for a few hours soaked small piece of onion, then it is applied to shipitse and fix plaster.If the first attempt does not work, then you need to repeat.
Do not disparage shipits treatment, but before you can use any method People should consult a surgeon or dermatologist.