Acetone in urine: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 May 2016
Unfortunately more and more people today are faced with the phenomenon of an unpleasant smell of acetone in the urine.The reasons why you may receive this problem can be quite diverse, often it is: as a consequence of suffering a recent anesthesia, food poisoning, dehydration, stomach cancer, fever.Quite often such a problem faced by diabetics, they smell of acetone directly indicates the approach of decompensation, in such cases, without urgent hospitalization can not do.Additional features supporting deterioration of general condition diabetics are: the smell of acetone breath, depression, general lethargy.
most dangerous is the condition for pregnant women, acetone in the urine they have a completely different reason than in diabetics.On Scientific, a phenomenon called ketonuria and, as noted by doctors, today it occurs many times more often than, say ten years ago.One of the reasons for such a sharp increase in cases does not exist, this is explained by complex factors.This includes environmenta
l degradation, psychological stress caused by the present hectic life, especially in big cities, lowered immunity can also be one of the causes of ketonuria.At times, such detection of acetone is completely random, so the analysis is always hand over twice.
again to confirm the presence of acetone in the body will have to pass a number of additional studies.This may indicate that the marked toxicity, it is usually also accompanied by vomiting.To remedy the situation must be brought back to normal water balance in the body.
In such cases it is also better to resort to hospitalization, we are talking about the health of the mother and her child.A couple of days spent on a drip under the supervision of doctors will lead to normal levels of body fluids.
In some cases, acetone can be detected in children, but not every such detection indicates the presence of diabetes in children.The emergence of acetone may be caused by the development of the pancreas, because it formed before the age of twelve.
reasons for suppressing the activity of the pancreas child also varied.This constant physical and psychological stress at school and at home, colds, and with the birth of a child to cause serious impact on immunity due to many vaccinations.Excessive soda and drinks with sweeteners is also detrimental to the work of the pancreas.
Lack gland produce enzymes leads to incomplete digestion of food, it starts putrefaction, which resulted in the body there is hydrogen sulphide, phenol, alcohol, ketones, and other contaminants.
But do not panic because of the detection of acetone, simply consult a doctor, he will help you to eliminate the very cause of the problem.