It hurts the sky

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 May 2016
Sky has an important function in the human body, it separates the mouth from the nasopharynx and is part of the articulation apparatus.The sky itself is composed of two parts: the hard and soft palate.
hard palate separates the oral mucosa of the throat and is located directly above it.The soft palate is shaped similar to a convex upward arch and separates the oral cavity from the nasal.
Sky can get sick for various reasons, for example because of the failure of the whole body, or because of the illness of the nerves and soft tissue.
Why hurts the sky:
- often a pain in the sky appears as a consequence of mechanical reasons, mechanical trauma can cause any solid food.Scratched sky gradually becomes inflamed and starts to hurt, respectively, will be felt discomfort throughout the oral cavity.
- inflammation of the tonsils also can cause pain sky, sore throat can also cause pain in the sky.
- Periodontitis, caries, pulpitis, osteomyelitis can also give pain to the sky.
- With flat leukoplakia sky will get sick, it is characterized by dryness in the mouth.Typically, during the inspection revealed a grayish-white spot with sharp edges.
- Sialometaplaziya.If it does not feel pain, it is characterized by the appearance of small holes in the sky.Often, this occurs as a consequence of the removal of the dental nerve or due to autopsy gums.
- Dysfunction of the temporomandibular jaw area can also cause pain.
In this situation, you should always consult a doctor, except in some cases caused by mechanical damage.