Metallic taste in the mouth

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 May 2016
metallic taste in the mouth may indicate poisoning chemistry, for this reason, at the first sign you should immediately seek medical help.Metallic taste can cause arsenic, cadmium salts, copper, zinc, and several other metals.All of these substances are highly toxic, so ignore the pop flavor could end very badly.House to receive such poisoning is impossible, so most of these poisonings occur and chemical plants and laboratories working with chemicals.
Receiving a number of medical drugs gives a taste in the mouth, these include: "Lansoprazole", "Metranidozol" "Tetracycline".After completing the course of treatment will take a bad taste in itself.
Dental metal prostheses are also often the cause of metallic taste in the mouth.Under the influence of allocated acids in the oral cavity is formed galvanic couple, this explains the unpleasant taste.
One should not abuse the water containing metal ions and minerals, it is able to create a stable metallic taste in the mouth.
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outh also causes the taste of metal in the blood because it contains particles.Even people regularly drinking ordinary tap water may feel a metallic taste in the mouth, because in a lot of water, the iron particles.
Some diseases for which there is taste of metal:
- Anemia, to ascertain necessary to pass a blood test for hemoglobin.
- Hypovitaminosis.At first appear other signs: pereutomlyaemost, decreases appetite, there is irritability.Only after some time there is a bad taste.
- Pathology of the liver.
- Diabetes.This is one of its main features, besides him there: skin itch, the desire to eat and drink, deteriorating eyesight, there is a constant dry mouth.
- Pathology of the thyroid gland.